Hunter Combos to Help Hyde Succeed This Weekend


I really want Hyde to walk away with a “W” after this weekend. So, I started brainstorming about Hunter combos that in my mind would provide the best synergy to help win.

I’ll list my lineups below and tactics for each group and hunter.

Fuel and Fire:
Griffin: Reload perk
Sunny: Reload perk
Hyde: Damage perk
Caira: Reload perk

This group is all about aggressively tracking the Wraith. Keeping a beat on her and never letting her have a comfortable moment to eat.

Griffin: He has the hardest job, to harpoon the small figured Wraith. While tracking Griffin must always be trying to get a shot on the Wraith to put a halt to her running. Really work the dome and harpoon combo, it’s tricky but oh so satisfying. In arena combat Griffin should position himself to stop aggressive moves with his harpoon and to get early post arena stops as well.

Sunny: Her job is to alternate between boosting the trapper and assault to keep a beat on the running Wraith. This will also help Griffin get more chances for harpoon hits. In arena combat Sunny’s job is to of course provide damage protection via shield drone, and to provide extra evasive movement via jet pack booster. Sunny is gonna look out for the Medic more than any other hunter.

Caira: during tracking her job is to heal people who pick up damage from wildlife and to speed boost Sunny to catch up to the group for arena combat. During arena combat her job is to heal hunters and to stay near Sunny for shield, extra jet pack boosts and cloak concealing.

Hyde: to melt fucking faces with his fucking flamethrower, nuff said.

Alternatively you could sub Val for Caira. Her tranq dart would help slow the wraith, allowing Griffin more shots with his harpoon. But it can be kind of tricky to hit a moving wraith since her figure is so small. Also, you would lose the speed boost to help get Sunny back to the group.

So that’s my initial line up. I will post another one when I have more free time today. But let me know your own combos or what you think of mine.

P.s. Sorry for bad grammar did this on my phone at work. :wink:


Stop trying Wraith shall win no matter what :wraith:


On a serious note though that’s a pretty good lineup that works well against Behemoth as well.


Try any com you want, cause I’m not going to show any mercy


Griffin is a bad pick. Maggie is better. Wraith has the lowest profile of all the monsters so Griffin will be hard pressed to aim the harpoon at it with all that ducking behind cover and sneaking. Maggie’s auto turrets will get it instantly.


Wraith would like a large fries and cola with that combo please.


Against Wraith with a Hyde on a team.

The only one for the job is Cabot! Cabot + Hyde = Wraith go beddy bye. Everything else doesn’t matter.


and Hyde needs to take the jetpack recharge perk so he can stay on that Wraith’s hips ass while the damage amp is going!


I agree i want that voodoo wraith in my collection screw hunter skins they are barely noticeable unless they are on daisy


Wraith need just to bait you and it is over, one good spot to Aimbrush you and its easly over.

Easy to kill many teams now <3 :wraith:

But yes This team is good against casual Wraith´s