Hunter combo for behemoth


Attention behemoth players what hunters do you hate the most, me and my team have tried to find a combo for the longest time and we can’t wrap our heads around it. What trapper do behemoths can’t stand, what medic, etc.


Abe has always been the worst trapper for behemoth to face imo. Assault depends on the type of behemoth but generally I’d be surprised if Torvald or Parnell aren’t the best options.

Sunny will always be a pain for behemoth if placing the shield drone nearby to where the behemoth is camping, to protect anyone trapped behind its wall but obviously also to help people dodge the combo. However I personally would always take Cabot. Cabot puts pressure on behemoth in terms of the time it has to execute, and stops behind the wall pounces.

Slim would be difficult to argue against when facing behemoth right now, rogue Val is also solid. You want to be able to protect people a bit who find themselves behind the wall.

So for me if I was picking a team against a confident behemoth, from my experience playing as and against the monster, I’d say Abe, Cabot, rogue Val and Torvald. Go hard or go home, force that monster to fear how little armor they have in each engagement.


Torvald/Crow/Hank/Slim or Parnell/Maggie/Cabot/Laz


Abe’s stasis seemed a little weak for meI tried stasis
But it seemed to have no effect. I mostly ran wasteland Maggie just for that extra damage.


Sure, wlm is good but I wouldn’t rely on her as she is getting a good nerf soon.

Stasis really stops behemoth being able to reposition easily, unlike harpoons. The main thing though is that Abe is the most damaging trapper when not having to worry about stasis (cc isn’t your primary concern against behemoth tbh), especially when paired with a good Torvald that throws those frisbees.


Parnell, Slim, Cabot, Jack.

God I hate that comp it murders Behemoth.


Why jack just curious?


Behemoth does not have an ability to drain Jack’s repulsions, so he acts as the support while Parnell and Cabot melt you and slim heals completely.


Only thing Jack brings to the table imo is stopping roll spam on demand; I don’t care about Jack if I play behemoth, and I don’t feel he’s useful when playing against behemoth. Most behemoths I face don’t try to roll spam, they pick strong locations and combo. It does depend on the type of behemoth you face. Do those you face tend to camp and tongue snipe, or try to roll you down?


Oh yeah tongue grab, fissure, then roll spam you name it


Griffin + Parnell + Slim + Hank


Emet, Cabot, Jack, Hyde.


I really can not think of a bad camp to use against behemoth :frowning:


Yeah nearly anything works against behemoth. Even harpoons can cripple him if you time them mid climb.


I agree with that, I tried Maggie and it was fun watching him try to climb. We tried a laz Hank combo just for the fear factor it worked only once.


A good laz is a nightmare, simply because of how much you have to change your fighting style. He is good at forcing a monster to over engage to attempt a strike. Hank can shield a full combo and still have capacity to spare against behemoth. Many times I burn through a hanks shield to get stuck for a second and have him back up to almost full capacity it feels like.


Interesting well maybe if I didn’t get pared up with the top 3 behemoths in the world all the time it might work lol. I might try what @Torvald_Stavig suggested
And or what @niaccurshi said with jack. I’m going to experiment with it and discuss it with my friends and see what happens.


So, @Squirmylookin I’d say that while @Sidewaysgts isn’t exactly wrong… lots of comps can work, there are definites that I think just are too risky to be useful.

Laz: Behemoth owns the melee range, makes it incredibly hard to cover players that need to go in close… Laz, IMO, is one of the worst picks against Behemoth, marginally mitigated if you have Cabot. Any other pairing with Laz against Bob is not worth the risk

Hyde: Again, too up close as an assault. Everyone else operates more efficiently than Hyde at longer ranges and as such Hyde is, although a reliable enough pick, the bottom of the pile for against Behemoth IMO

Kala: Out of all the supports there is just very little that she offers. He armour reducer is cool but actually stops you from getting that armour down more than it helps overall. Behemoths really don’t chase hunters as much as other monsters, even with rollspam, and so I don’t see teleports as being particularly useful unless used as a chase aid (getting back infront of the Behemoth when it has lost its armour.

Jack: I just don’t believe that Jack is a good pick against a behemoth. A Behemoth that understands their kit doesn’t have to move very far, it just has to be able to move. Out of all the trappers Jack has the least potential to CC the Behemoth IMO. Griffin isn’t great but is more useful when it comes to snagging a Behemoth trying to mitigate. Stasis is most reliable over all. For me Jack just doesn’t bring enough to the table to offer an edge.

So yeah, if I was Behemoth I’d be very happy, in general, facing a Laz, Kala, Jack and Hyde team. I don’t think they have the tools to make the most of Bob’s weaknesses, and actually enhance a lot of his strengths.


So long range assaults like Torvald,and Lennox with her gun.


Trick with Hyde is behemoth is almost always in his acid cloud and his flamethrower has good range if you use it. Not to mention he ignore limb modifiers. A jack with capacity is a nightmare, I don’t know how you or people you fight use behemoth but I have to keep moveing to keep up with my target. Or else my hard won damage goes to waste. True Lazarus is risky against any monster but is devastating when played right. Kala is balanced against all monsters except maybe kraken. But we know everyone has issues with him.