Hunter combinations


WHat hunter would possibly be the best at fighting a Goliath, Kraken, Wraith, or Behemoth. Put down your combos and what monster they would be best at fighting. (the monsters level of fight would be roughly rank 20)


In my opinion…

Goliath - Parnell, Bucket, Abe, Caira

Goliath likes to get close and beat face, Parnell excels in CC. When caged Buckets turrets can make is super dangerous. Abe gets help finding the monster from Bucket, once darted you shouldn’t lose it, with the 'nades and shotgun he is great. Caira can accel everyone to catch up easily and can heal from afar without being targeted as much as the others, one nap’nade every so often can burn some damage too.

Kraken - Torvald, Hank, Griffin, Val

Markovs Elec gun, Hydes flamethrower and parnells shotgun are all reduced effectiveness here. It will probably get a nerf but Torvalds shotgun seems to fare better and his mortars can be great at long range. Hank has the orbital for area denial but his laser cutter can keep track of a flying Kraken pretty well and his shield can help when the big attacks land. Griffin SHOULD be the best against Kraken, and almost always is but I’ve still had a few harpoons that haven’t grounded a flying Kraken. Val’s tranqs are immense and her healing is now good, at long range its harder for a Kraken to target her than the other monsters.

Wraith - Hyde, Cabot, Maggie, Lazarus

Flamethrower and 'nades are great punishment for when a wraith tries to take a hunter down, Cabot can make surprisingly short work with a damage amp, alsmot a second assault. Daisy can straight up win games against sneaky wraiths as you hardly ever lose them and Lazarus can really punish a wraith who focuses on one hunter till incap/death, as long as the hunters can stop the wraith eating bodies.

Behemoth - I won’t comment until the bugs are fixed.

this is all my opinion and some of it can definitely and most probably wrong, it’s all down to people’s play style most of the time but off the top of my head these set ups make the most sense to me.