Hunter colored Pingers or Hunter iconed pingers in game (Q)



I am suggesting to have the pinger (The yellow circle “Q”) in game for hunters be colored by the class of the hunter (The current Yellow circle be replaced by Green for trapper, Yellow for support, Red for assault, Blue for medic) whoever is pinging it or either by an icon of the class who is pinging it, just to make it more clear that out of 4 hunters which one is actually making the pings
If you play with randoms or even your friends this will help communicate a lot better and remove confusion when multiple people are pinging.
Sometimes there is that one bad hunter who pings at wrong places and distracts the team from actual monster and its tracks whom you wanna just ignore
If anyone has any better suggestions, feel free to add and let me know what do you think about this suggestion?


This sounds familiar…

YES, Should be a thing.


Whoa! 1st March 2015 thread?^
That’s sad this suggestion did not make it in game yet :frowning:
Stage 2 is the time for changes and improvements in game, so let’s hope this will make it in game this time :slight_smile:


Good idea. So when a level 1 Assault is in my game I can know which pings to ignore. Love it.


They should add different pings like telling the team to be careful, or warning them or something just like in LoL since not all players don’t use mic, typing in keyboard is a hassle.
We really need a warning pings to tell that team mates are far away or just telling them not to dome in that area or something.


How about you have the Hunter icon or portrait inside the ping? For example Abe’s would be a yellow circle with :trapper: , :abe: or :abe_cute: inside.


Tbh I would like to have it simple the way it is, just in different colors because with icons on the ping it can become hard to see on certain background texture you know


Not really with the yellow background that’s there.