Hunter Climbing


Hello Everyone,

I am hoping to devs read this as I would like to have a feature added. I find it VERY rage inducing while trying to climb a wall as a hunter, only to suddenly begin falling and unable to stop until I land. Sometimes I cant even re-start climbing again until I get enough jetpack fuel. Can the hunters be given a button similar to the monster where we will actually climb the cliffs? I understand keeping to jetfuel cost to it but i absolutely hate when i cant climb, even though i should be able to.


I’m not sure what the key is on PC, but on PS4 and Xbone, you can hold X or A to rise up the cliff provided you’re pressed right up against it, even with no fuel left. If you’re doing that but still finding you’re falling, you’ve probably encountered a bug.


Being more conservative with fuel will always help against this “bug”


I agree. While it isn’t broken completely, I find that 80% of the time I can climb fine, even with zero fuel (as it should be, according to the tutorial at least). Things like small rocky outcroppings sometimes stops you completely and sometimes not at all, or it could be flat and my character will stop for no reason. I’ve recorded on my ps4 times where it happens, match recordings. It isn’t always in the heat of battle but that’s when I notice it the most and when my roommate notices it the most, as it causes me to cuss loudly for at least a minute. Maybe making the detection field around the hunter larger when climbing would reduce such issues, or making it last longer if it is a connection, glitch issue. Also, not a functioning problem, but can you make more options for the in-game map, like having it rotate when you change direction ( oriented so that the part of the map the character is facing is always up, with a compass rose around it, and your dot remaining at a fixed position on the screen while the map itself moves), or make it larger, more translucent.

Thanks for the great game!


Spacebar. It’s just the jump/jetpack button.