Hunter class visualization in player nameplates - Not visible to colorblind people


Hi gals and guys at TRS,

while playing as the monster in beta, I always felt like there should be an option to show hunter names instead of player names on top of the hunters during a fight. I always had to figure out what type of hunter that was (by the looks of it) until i could decide if it was worth attacking that guy. Today on brandons stream I learned that player names are coded in diffrent colors depending on the hunters class. I never noticed that feature since I am colorblind. I felt like this was quita a big disadvantage to have, since attacking the right hunter is essential to monster gameplay… But I think this is a disadvantage to colorblind people that can easily be changed by,

a) Giving the option to show Hunter nameplates instead of playernameplates. (but I can understand you want us to see the player names, just for the health of the community)

b) Code the hunter classes not only with a color, but also with a symbol (or at least implement the option to show that symbol. Maybe the same symbols you used in your mobile app?). Shapes/Symbols are so much more visual to colorblind people than …of course… colors!

I would really be glad, if you guys would talk about that in your team and consider a feature that makes hunter classes more visual to colorblind monsters :smile:.



Would really love to have this option.
So I won’t have to learn the names of the different players and their roles. :slight_smile:


The point is: right now you don’t even see the hunter names if you are playing vs. actual players. You get to see the player name. Only bots have the hunter names displayed above them.


I am not colour blind, but I do think that this is an essential feature that really should be implemented
as fast as possible.
This is a great disadvantage for all those that are colour blind.


It is hard enough for people with color vision to see it, so I agree.
I got visual snow, so I have a hard time differentiating between the silhouettes, so I rely on their colors to tell the difference between them. However, I’d say an Icon over their name would be better.
At the end of a match, I love to talk to the hunters about, as an example, the time he/she dodged this and did that. And when I do, I like to refer to the hunters by name instead of their class.
I’m sure I’m not the only one.


I’m glad that you guys agree! Lets hope this post gets read and acknowledged by the right people, too! :smile:


Yes please! I have mediocre colorblindness and I can’t distinguish the hunter roles from the current nameplates… :expressionless:


This topic has been discussed more than once.

They said they were looking into it. Not only the hunter color identification but also other small details like Caira’s green nades vs red nades … colorblind people can’t use the visual cue on the gun itself!

Keep your high hopes on this.


I like this feature despite not being colourblind all they would really have to do is put the little emblem for the class right beside the name just for clarities sake. Dunno about the grenades though since there are different kinds of colourblindness


I can relate to the hardness of gaming and visual snow. It sucks sometimes.

Icons would be great besides the names or healthbar of players.


I think this is a good idea, hopefully we can bump it enough to get a dev response or them to see it.

Almost every successful game I have played has at one point or another been faced with this, and they always make a colorblind option when they are reminded it’s a problem in games. I imagine Turtle Rock will do the same.


I’m colorblind as well, never noticed it(figures!)

I concur, although one of other fixes that comes to mind is simply adding multiple “color blind mode” themes, such as the ones in Battlefield 4(Deuteranopia,Tritanopia,Protanopia) ED: after reading others visual issues I’m on the “distinct hunter icons” train! :smiley:


I can’t even tell the Hunters apart visually as the Monster with complete color vision! I have to rely on tells like where healing beams and such are coming from or be right up in their face to be able to tell them apart.

In a way, its sort of exciting because its so hard to tell where everybody is. On the other hand, its also a bit frustrating because its so hard to tell where everybody is. :smile:


I find it hard to tell support and trapper apart with colour blindness. They need to be more definite yellow and orange. Almost luminous.


I am not color blind, but I still have a really hard time figuring out who’s who. I really want the symbol above the player or the character name above or below the player name. Something. I mean, I don’t care what the person’s name is that I’m playing and when I’m thrashing around as a monster, it’s hard for me to tell the difference between cyan and light green or yellow. For me, the symbol would be the easiest to discern, but I’m open.


Three months have passed and a change regarding this issue has not been announced, nor has there been any public statement, which would show us, that this topic is not forgotten. I came across some other complications that cripple my monster gameplay (like detonation zone of mines and maggie-harpoons shown in red) and put me in a huge gameplay disadvantage compared to others.

This effectively keeps me from playing monster and takes away half of the game content, that I payed for. As far as I could see, there are many people who would enjoy a colorblind-mode or at least the option to show hunternames instead of playernames.

Please give us some response about that issue. I would really be greatful about that.