Hunter Can't Climb


Are they ever gonna get around to fixing this shit? After the 3 secs of jetpack fuel are up its very likely you won’t be climbing any walls. This especially fucks you when you’re running from a monster but instead end up staring at a wall for the remainder of your life.

Give climbing its own animation and remove this ridiculous dependency on jet fuel.


I used to be soooo annoyed by this but now I rarely have issues with the jet pack…u ust gotta get the hag of it then u will never have issues getting up walls


I find if you chose the jump perk, wall jetpacking is much more reliable


That perk is amazing and is still one of my go-to perks. I’ve been trying out weapon cycling lately which is equally as amazing in its own right, but it’s also reminded me of how much I hate climbing and jetpacks in this game.