Hunter Callouts


Wouldn’t it make more sense if the monster player only heard gibberish similar to Sim talk (from the Sims games)? That way, the monster hears the hunters as usual, but won’t know if that’s a trapper, assault, medic, or support doing the yelling.

Voices from the hunter should not be understood by the monster


It adds an extra level of depth to the game as well as what MaddCow posted above.

Plus, I want to be able to hear Abe and Caira flirting as I hide in a bush waiting for them to move into position. It passes the time.


You mean Abe flirting with Caira, right? Or does she actually flirt back?


Eh. Little bit of this, little bit of that.


I feel like maddcow skimmed my post and thought I was asking for callouts to be muted to the monster. I want the monster to hear the hunters, but I don’t want the monster to understand English.

Monster players could still hear alerts from hunter callouts, but it wouldn’t be so specific as to let you know the medic just got caught in a plant, or the whole team stopped to attack an elite tyrant.

It would require recording a bunch of gibberish audio, so I doubt it’s worth the resources, but I wish the monsters heard unintelligible gibberish similar to horde v alliance in WoW or The Sims.


Again, I don’t need to learn a second language to play as something. Yes, anything could be learned over time but then you have an even bigger divide between the average gamer and those that can learn ‘new languages’.


Lol… Gibberish. Just random gibberish, not a new language. If you’re worried about people learning the gibberish, just use random sound files or make them all the same.

Point wasn’t all that complicated. Just allow the hunter callouts to both aid the hunter team’s communication while also alerting the monster of the nearby hunters. Just avoid letting the monster in on hunter voice chat.

It’s as if the monster yelled out “Augh, so good to evolve behind this tree to your right, tiny human trapper” instead of just roaring nearby. That’s just as weird and unnecessary as the monster understanding the hunters.


The point of it is the digestion of information. As a Monster you need to keep track of a lot of things and I agree with the Devs of the game, that the monster hearing callouts makes the experience better.


Well what monster doesn’t want to hear Hyde say:



Some of the conversations they have as I sit in a bush are hilarious.


The worst conversation I hear when hiding in a bush is this.

Markov = “I see the beast”
Hank = “Orbital strike ready…” :’(


That’s my cue to run like a lite girl! :stuck_out_tongue:


Cue the Majestic Goliath!


Hyde : What the F*ck I thought we were fighting a Goliath?

Hank : We are…

Hyde : So how come that thing flew over all of us in one Leap! The f*cking thing has to be a Kraken

Abe : No its a Goliath Leaping, probably so he doesn’t have to have a nice fire-bomb bath.


To each their own. I think the hunters and monster have to digest equal amounts of information, and it would be just as silly if the monster constantly blurted out in English, “Tasty mammoth birds!” or “stamina low, so tired”.

The sniffing, eating, jumping, roaring, etc. noises are enough to help the hunters just as gibberish should be enough to help the monster.

Another point in my defense, the devs just removed the dome effect sound from the monster because they thought it was too much info to share. I think alerting the monster that a hunter is trapped in a plant gives a similar unbalanced edge for the monster.


But that is also divided up between 4 people. 4 people processing information is easier than 1.

They removed it because pubs are bad and people aren’t good at trapping.

This already exists in the red giant skull on the screen. Same thing with health. at some point there is a difference between realism and game mechanics. Information is made as simply as possible. Having the monster hear ‘gibberish’ doesn’t make the process of information any easier. Why complicate the system? If that was the case, why would an alien in any video game ever know english. It’s because the end result is to provide information for the player.


Well it’s true that it is 4 v 1, but the monster has the benefit of not relying on teammates. The monster doesn’t need to worry about communicating with anyone, so I still don’t see how its that much more information for the monster to digest. I think I win more often as monster than hunter. I’ll agree to disagree with you on that one; it’s just opinion.

Did they really remove the dome audio just because pugs suck? I thought it was more to do with how easy it was for a monster to play off the audio instead of actually being aware of hunter locations and his surroundings. Seems like you want an easy audio ping to traversal three times in a row instead of relying on all that info you’re digesting.

Replacing English callouts with human gibberish similar to monster animal noises still provides information to the monster. I think the monster should get location information and not much else (from call outs I mean).

How much information do you think the monster should get? Obviously he could get a lot more than at present, but I’d say he gets enough already and should lose some of the extra call out info.


I believe that they did. However, a good trapper verse a good monster the trapper tends to have the upper hand. The flushing team will force the monster to pick a direction and the trapper will get them. I feel that less skills monsters/teams have issues where the monster will 3 traversal away. In competitive games it really isn’t needed one way tor the other. I’m just against it because of the ‘why’ they took it out more than anything else.

I think it’s in a good spot right now. I’m still not convinced on why information needs to be taken out, or made harder for a monster. It would just widen the gap between skilled players and not skilled.


i would also like the answer to this