Hunter bodies giving a small buff


Just a wierd, but interesting idea.

By eating a hunters body, depending on the class or even character, the monster gains a specific buff.

Eat Hank and get health issues from smoking armor regeneration.
Eat Hyde and leave a poisonous gas trail behind (damn those digestive problems).
Eat Crow and smell range increases.


Health issues from smoking xD
I actually think this is an interesting idea, however for every buff the monster can get from eating hunters, the hunters would have to have a buff source from something too, for balance reasons :s


They could get a buff from the evolution left-over.


maybe every 5-10 minutes a drop pod or something would fall with a buff for the hunters


Evolve: The Hunger Games :smiley:


If you eat a hunters body you should get a 'randomized buff at 5%'
It always bugged me that when hunters kill a buff a monster can still come by and take it shortly after. Whereas when a monster takes a buff it becomes in-accessible to hunters unless you shoot the monster off it while feeding. The decay rate if an elite buff is killed by hunters should be reduced by 50% I think.


I agree with Epex on his statement.

I also think this buff idea is a good idea, but as the sewer queen pointed out the hunters have to have a chance for an extra buff too.
The drop pod is a solid choice, but then monster players will get salty if they cannot destroy it or if it was invulnerable to them.
Altho, if the pods placement is randomized, itll only be a matter of time until the pod falls from the sky an crashes into the monster.
If that happens i vote it knocks the monster down a stage cuz holy fuck you just got hit by a meteorite, basically.
If it hits a hunter, they deserve the auto death. Lmao.


Yeah, the pod needs to be vulnerable to Monster and wildlife (More Reaver trolling). Also Monsters should be able to eat whatever is inside the pod.

Also I don’t think the meteorite should knock the Monster down a stage. It should just take away all the armor and some health.


But if the pod is vunerable and edible, that just negates the balance of the pod giving hunters a buff to compensate the buff the monster get for eating the hunters?


why is this not a thing


So monsters get a buff from eating a dead hunter and the thing implemented to balance the game…


Just 5% :slight_smile: and it can’t stack!


That could work. Give the Monster a extremely small portion of the buff. But I’d prefer it to not edible at all. It should be vulnerable to Reaver trolling and Monster attacks.


I actually changed my mind shortly after that post and was too lazy to delete it.


Hunters could go to their fallen mate and press F for respect and buff :wink:


maybe the monster can break the pod as if it was a power relay but has half the time of a power relay so he has a chance to break it


One more thing to consider: should this buff be on its own slot or use the same slot as wildlife buffs?

If it replaces an active wildlife buff, then it will get interesting. Do i really want that Hunter buff and armor from eating him?

What if there is Lazarus on the team? Do i want to keep my 15% damage increase?

I’d love to see more tactical choices.


I wld be interested in the drop pod being an “armory” of sorts an it wld carry, say, 5 buffs in it that the hunters cld choose from.
My reasoning is that the monster will have, potentially, 4 buffs(or more if cuz daisy) each different for each hunter. So it wldnt be “fair” to slap all the hunters with the same buff.
Give them options to pick an choose from.


You sure you typed that right? Decay rate should be decreased? You sure that shouldn’t say increased so that it’s gone quicker or is that how it should be written and it just looks weird in writing?


Done from the beginning I think this could have been an interesting mechanic.

As it is now however, and how it will be from what we know of the next TU- Oi. I cant imagine what itd take to bring something like this to the table.

Bear in mind, killing a hunter has HUGE impact on the gameplay. Actually I dislike how easy it can be, currently, to kill hunters in a lot of situations- This is actually a huge factor in what can make evolve feel so damn swingy at times. Oops- The medic goofed, and zigged when he shouldve zagged- Now the team lost their medic before the monster even had its armor broken. GEE GEE hunters. Didnt matter that the hunters were basically on top the entire time, that ONE thing- 180d the game and turned it into basically an instant victory.

When a hunter dies your out that hunter until they respawn, and theyre coming back with a strike (blah blah, except possibilities with laz, blah blah).

Adding buffs on TOP of that, would make it even more powerful for the monster. More though, it would add a WHOLE new difficult layer of balancing to the game. Oh no, the monster got the lazarus buff :open_mouth: WERE DOOOOOMED. Oh its ok- It only got the bucket buff. Who cares.

yadda yadda.

VERY interesting idea though! I think it couldve provided a neat dynamic to the game if done from the beginning.