Hunter Bios

I was hoping to maybe prod the Developers for some additional information on the characters already announced. Or perhaps, if I missed it somewhere, if someone else could share.

Things like:
I believe all characters were announced to GI on Jan 7th correct?

Designed by:
Which unique developer created each character?

Voiced by:
Who is the voice behind each character?

How old are each character?

Birthplace and Birthday:
Do we yet know where and when each character was born?

Blood Type:
Has development even thought about this?

Height and Weight:
For each character.


many of your guestions are to be answered but at the time they cannot be answered by any other than a dev.

I’ll see if this info is available for the Hunter’s we’ve released publicly so far.


Thank you, myself and I’m sure others would greatly appreciate it.

So far we’ve announced Val, Hank, Markov, and Griffin, right? I think you know there are more coming though.

Most of our heroes were designed in meetings with artists. It was a fantastic process whereby they sit around and pitch ideas and one of the artists, I think it was mostly Scott Flanders, did little silhouettes of each pitch the group liked. They were very high level pitches. Griffin might have been “Classic Big Game Hunter,” for instance. That’s it. Then Scott does a little silhouette.

Griffin, by the way, took longer to name than every other hero on the team put together. I have no idea why. He was Le Roux for a couple of days, but we couldn’t agree on how to pronounce it. he was Kingsley for a while. Kingsley Solomon. Finally we hit on Griffin Hallsey and it just fit. I literally thought we’d never get it, we’d just give up, but eventually we got there.

Then those thumbnails were put in front of the team and we all talked about which ones we wanted to know more about, which ones looked boring, or too weird, or just weird enough. :smiley:

Then the process of concepting those heroes began. Highly iterative. We generally start with inspiration. “This would be cool!” Eventually though you start to notice that we have a lot of one kind of hero, or we’re missing a certain archetype. I think Val was the last hero we invented because we originally had a male medic there and we really wanted more women in the roster. There was never the notion of “we need X women” or anything like that, we start with inspiration, see where that leads, and then revise when we discover things are leaning too far in one direction.

Val happened when I (at least, this is my memory, there’s always an element of Rashomon to these things) said “Well, we don’t have a straight up, combat field medic. Classic archetype. Why not add one, a woman, and she’s like a Valkyrie. A battlefield medic, swooping in on jetpack wings.”

That’s literally how Val got her name, and it stuck. I would later retcon it to Valerie Wolski.

Voice talent may change, sometime we audition actors, pick someone, record, and change our minds, but that’s rare. Right now Markov is Dimitri Diatchenko. Dude basically is Markov as far as I can tell.

Hank is William Salyers. I heard his final VO yesterday and was laughing my ass off.

Val is Courtenay Taylor. I was delighted, after we heard her audition and loved it, to discover she was Jack from Mass Effect. Loved that character.

Griffin is I believe J. B. Blanc. I think. 90% sure.

Age, we don’t worry about exactly what year each Hero was born. As far as I can tell, that’s not important. Instead we say “Griffin is early 50s. Val is early 30s. Markov is late 30s. Hank is mid-40s.”

Birthplace! Hank was born on Channel Colony. His grandparents were original founders. He was never going to be the kind of guy who stayed on one planet very long though.

Markov was born on Mars, obviously. But renounced Hub citizenship years ago.

Griffin was born on Io, but his family very quickly accepted a charter with NORDITA and he’s spent his entire life in the Arm.

Val is one of the only Hub citizens on the team. She was born on Venus.

I have no idea their height and weight, except Markov is huge. Their blood type is “delicious.” :smiley:


That’s some awesome info there, Matt!

Especially the voice actors part! You got the voice of Diablo to play Griffin! FREAKIN’ DIABLO! :metal:

And Rigby also!

OH and I almost forgot, are there any British characters in the game so far? :uk:

Incredible information, thank you so much for taking to time to write this out for us all. Given this forum is a public resource I have to assume permission is granted to cite the source but would still like to ask for permission to do so.

I’m interested to read more regarding these various locations such as Io (io correct?) and the Hub and where they are in relation to the galaxy we know and understand.

From my own research and review, I’ve complied a small backstory myself which I believe to be fairly accurate but perhaps with official writer’s present, I can be corrected if I am wrong or off on anything. My understanding of the story is as follows:

"Set in the future, mankind has begun to run out of natural resources on Earth so they took to the stars in an effort to begin colonizing other planets. One such planet, called Shear, was the first attempt at this. A colonial outpost was setup on Shear and scientist began working on what could potentially be life saving efforts.

We don’t know too much about the back story yet, but we do know that on Shear, the scientist became under attack by a fearsome creature. Whether this creature was a prior resident of the planet or came to it by other means is yet unknown.

In a desperate plea for help, the military dispatched an elite team known as the Hunters to subdue the creature by any means necessary. This team, consisting of one Medic, one assault specialist, one trapper, and one supporting agent are the main force keeping the creature from utterly destroying the planet and killing everyone in it."

{Edit}: The above was written prior to your statements. As the characters are now known to be from outside locations such as Mars or Io, it is clear Shear was not the first colonization attempt at all. I will correct this.

hey, you forgot to put Monster expansion pack on DLC at the wiki

The site is a WIP (Work In Progress) and we expect many things to change as we continue progress. The pages that are there are mostly there just to establish the foundation and structure. We have been busy setting up the wiki templates and overall ‘appearance’ of the wiki and the site in general so I may have omitted this. Thank you for your kind reminder, I have updated this.

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Technically, no, no one in our game is from Britain. Only one of the heroes is from Earth! And you haven’t met them yet!


Well gosh darn it! Oh well, if you ever decide to include anyone British then let us know! :stuck_out_tongue:

thats some dang good info there :smiley: ! nice diablo :D!

This is great, I love reading bios for characters and I look forward to learning more about them :smiley:

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Thanks to the information posted by @Matthew I’ve compiled a new video with the more up to date information we could find on the hunters. Some of it is speculation while some is fact.

I’d love to discuss further the back drop and stories of Io, Hub Citizenship, Channel Colony, and all of that. Obviously, up to what is allowed by the powers that be.

I have a feeling this is going to make my Game Details thread redundant. :frowning:

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You have “Scott Flanders” listed as the character designer in your wiki, and that makes me regret bringing him up. :smiley: Because it implies he was somehow “the designer” of these characters. We don’t work that way. No one person is the architect of a hero. Each hero gets lots of different concepts, lots of artists touch them, sometimes we outsource concept art.

Usually these characters are created in meetings with a dozen people throwing out ideas.


I understand fully. No worries he will be removed as the designer. We are still working on what should or shouldn’t be listed. Right now it’s all set up and format.

{Edit}: If you find any information which should not be displayed feel free to let me know.

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I love that we have a humorous hunter, like Coach from L4D :octopus:

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I’m starting to think Videos aren’t my strong suit:


well made me laugh a bit :smiley: