Hunter background info and stories?


“They were called the Lazarus Men. There were only about a thousand of them even during the war. He may be the last one.”

Not much has been released to us about who the hunters are, how they came to be these “World Tamers”, why they got into the hunting game, or even where they come from, but this quote on FB got me really wanting to know more about our monster slayers and possibly their motives behind it all. Some questions I have are-
What ungodly war could they be reffering too and who was fighting who?
If there is only one hunter that came from earth where did the rest come from?
Is it possible that we might see some kind of alien hunter?
Are they hunting for the money, maybe to just feel good about saving some colonist from univoidable death, possibly the rush that it pressents, or a personal vendetta towards the monsters?

Any info that would answer these questions would be awesome or even some questions of your own would be great to ponder about as well.


Oh you tempt us with such questions! My background is in character design so I love this kind of stuff. I know @Matthew is dying have people enjoy all the writing he’s been doing. :smiley:

We’ll start dropping hints here and there in the coming months about the characters back stories. In the meantime we’d love to hear what you guys think their stories are. Pick a character and tell us what you think they’re all about.


ok here we go. maggie was one of the original colonists to land on sheer. when her group was whiped out she fled and survived in the wilderness alone. in that time she learned the ways of the beasts and how to track their movements for her own safety. she also befriended her companion (they are seen running wild. how else does she have a loyal trapjaw) together they survived until the next wave of colonists arrived. then she relayed the info of dangerous game to whomever is in charge. she offered her services to protect the colonists to help track and hunt these monsters.


Being that he loves the thrill/rush of big game hunting he would travel to various planets taking on jobs to track down and kill various species of deadly and dangerous creatures. Until he is sought out by some company or government agencies and offered a position to fly to these recently colonated planets that are being terrorized by unknown deadly creatures (that would make even the most dangerous wildlife look like a domesticated house cat) with 3 other companions to track down and nuetrualize the threat.


I don’t think the hunters know what they are dealing with going into these missions. I think they are just told that there have been reports of attacks by wild life that they are sent to investigate. They expect to find like a pissed off crowbill sloth or rampaging tyrant but quickly realize what they are up against. Since I’ve read stories about the first four, I’ll come up with a new one. I’ll pick Hyde. My first guess on Hyde is he was probably a serial killer who probably did something similar to craven the hunter from marvel. He was finally caught and at his trial he was sentenced to tame planets. Not my most creative idea but I only had him and bucket, and buckets a f*****g robot so his seems almost too easy lol


Well don’t have time to go into detail but I feel like Val comes from a military background. She’s more clean cut than the other hunters and the beret makes me think military as well. The clean white/blue color scheme also makes me think that. Probably a combat medic.


I think the monster should have a story too.


Pretty much all we know about Goliath so far is that he’s/they are not indigineous to Shear and they have links to our own solar system.


Ooh, I didn’t know about them linking to our solar system. My guess is the monsters are similar to Alien, meant as biological weapons designed by humans or an alien race.



Yeah when I first learned about the game of some reason I always thought the monster was an invasive off world threat, since it evolves it means it could adapt to any planet it comes to. The question though is how sentient is it?


The monsters are not native to Shear, their origin is unknown other than this fact

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