Hunter Augment Questions (Medic)


I had a couple questions about the augments for hunters you can choose before game. Primarily I wanted to know, does Item Recharge and Reload Speed make abilities like cloak (lazarus) and the healing burst recharge faster? That and does extra damage increase healing strength? (medgun or caira healing gun)


Recharge/Reload speed affects everything that isn’t class abilities ( healing burst, arena, etc )

Damage increase does not affect healing, just damage.


Okay that makes sense. Thanks for the response. Is there anything that can increase healing effectiveness?


Are you sure it doesn’t make healing burst come up faster? When you get the buff for cooldowns off beasts I know healing comes up within seconds.


Well I know that there are two separate buffs for class ability cooldowns and reload speed. But I wasn’t sure about the augment before game.


In regards to pre-game buffs, I thought the cooldowns buff was for monsters, and the reload/recharge was the hunter version.


Clip / Battery size doesn’t affect Lazarus cloak unfortunately.


The reload and recharge perk doesn’t reduce the cooldown of class abilities. There is however a class ability recharge buff for hunters you get from an Elite Megamouth.

Reload and recharge perk doesn’t affect Lazarus’s Personal Cloak. :smile:


It doesn’t? I’ve been misinformed.

Does that apply to other non-weapon stuff too, or is it specifically laz’s cloak?


Specifically Laz’s cloak. As far as I am aware neither clip/battery size or reload/recharge speed affects his cloak.


Pretty sure healing burst is shorter with reload/recharge skill


Definitely doesn’t, that’s why there is a Class Ability Recharge buff in game. :smiley:


Buffs and perks are 2 different things though. You can get a damage increase perk, and a damage increase buff. I’m going to have to test this tonight because I’m pretty sure it works on healing burst. Heck there are a few threads on here saying the same.


Ok, let me know how the testing goes. If I am wrong then I apologize for the misinformation.


I could have sworn it did but I see conflicting reports everywhere. Of course me thinking it helps doesn’t mean a thing, I’ll break out the stopwatch.


Yeah there are a lot of conflicting reports like you said.
The recharge of Laz’s Heal Burst is faster by default than Val’s and Caira’s due to his lack of healing Laz does. So it might seem faster because of this.


There is the cooldown with the reload perk 30%

Val: Healing Burst 22,50 (15,75)

Lazarus: Healing Burst 15,50 (10,85)
Personal Cloak 25,00
Lazarus Device 12,00 (8,40)

Caira: Healing Burst 22,50 (15,75)
Acceleration Field 45,00

Hank: Cloaking Field 30,00 (21,00)
Orbital Barrage 60,00

Bucket: Cloaking Field 30,00 (21,00)
UAV 20,00

Cabot: Cloaking Field 30,00 (21,00)
Dust Tagging 70,00

Maggie: Mobile Arena 60,00 (42,00)

Griffin: Mobile Arena 60,00 (42,00)

Abe: Mobile Arena 60,00 (42,00)

Markov: Personal Shield 30,00 (~16,00 )

Hyde: Personal Shield 30,00 (~16,00 )

Parnell: Personal Shield 30,00 (~16,00 )
Super Soldier 30,00


So what exactly does this mean? I never got a direct answer. Does the reload speed augment before game make Lazarus’s gun and Cloak recharge quicker?


I wish a developer would come in and finally put this to rest. Because as far as I know, the reload speed perk applies to ALL the hunter equipment. Your class abilities are equipment. You’re not magic. If there’s a reason why people keep saying that reload speed doesn’t affect all the abilities, I’d like to know what that is.

Unless I’m crazy, I can definitely tell a difference in cooldowns when I use the reload speed perk on the medics (which is what I usually play). I may be crazy…


God man , i told you the answer for the cloak :smile:

Personal Cloak 25,00 , so not it doesnt reduce the cloak , but it reduce de weapons reload of the gun