Hunter and Monster Variations +


IDEAS are just plummeting in my head! Ok, well for one, lets give Hyde a grenade launcher. I mean come on how cool is that? Bucket would get Cluster missles? Sunny can get a drone that does damage to the monster, and her Boost actually is able to slow the monster down quite significantly while it stays locked on the monster. Cabot? Meh I have no idea for Cabot. LENNOX! BOOM! BAM! FIREPOWER! INTRODUCINGGGGGG MR LENNOX! He finally joins the fight! 8 Foot tall robot suit similar to Idas’… but epic(er)! It can jump farther, move faster, and it can actually…punch… the…monster. Or he can have more of a ramming abiblity. His firepower? I have no idea. oh I forgot about skins.
give us diamond skins for hunters. It would look cash.

Monsters! Wraith would be a potentially hard one for me to think about. What if it becomes more of a Leopard/Jaguar monster?it runs along the forest floor, still has a long jump etc. have no idea for abilities. GIVE BEHEMOTH FOUR ARMS.
Gorgon? Make the adapation look like a tarantula? it can create a spider hole to ambush and other things. Like I said, I still got more ideas in this head of mine!
Let me know what you think!
Pce Fellow Hunters!