Hunter and Monster skins


I’ve been playing evolve since the beta and absolutely loved it, got the PC Monster Edition and everything.
I love the new update, but the thing I don’t get is the hunter skins, you can’t even see your own skin as it’s first person for hunters.
So a suggestion I’d make would be, to have hunter skins be a little more than just a colour change, have them be something where it actually alters the characters look, for example, bucket skins may make him look steampunky, or more futuristic. Also having the skins alter the way your abilities look, not the way they work, purely visual.
I just think that adding something more than the fact that other players can see the skin that you spend your keys on would make it more likely for people to actually buy them. I guess the same could be applied to the monster skins too, e.g. the behemoth could be mechanical, and the rock wall would be a wall of metal as opposed to rock, the tong could be a cable or chain from inside the mecha behemoths body, lava could be boiling hot fuel/ plasma and the fissure could just take on a more techy/electric look.
Although this is just a suggestion, I’d still love to see it.


What you’re suggesting is what the Devs are already doing with their Adaptations.
It’s more than just a “skin” change, it’s a complete re-sculpt of the character and so it takes more time to make with the size of the TRS studio.


So… Adaptations? The thing that already sort of exists?


This sort of change isn’t capable for TRS to do as far as we know. Even if it is it requires much more work than it does to simply recolor the character to meet a new visual appeal. Other games like SMITE may have this but Evolve probably will not.

Complete model overhauls are typically exclusive to adaptations.


I get all of your points about it being a lot of work for TRS to do, because it is a big thing, games like smite and league only come out with a new skin every couple of weeks, and there’s is in much less detail.

But my suggestion, wasn’t about more adaptations, although they’re admittedly fairly similar.
What I wanted to see, was purely cosmetic changes, nothing about how the abilities actually worked would need changing, and the values would all be the same as the default, because as far as I know the skins that are there already don’t change those.

I take it back to smite, where say you have a god with its default look, and then you have a skin for that dog that makes it look like a robotic badass, but the stats are identical and the abilities have the same cooldown and values. I just think that at the moment at least there is no reason I personally would buy a hunter skin, monster skins maybe because you can actually see those. but the only time I ever see a hunter skin is when I die and get a glimpse of my corps, or at the very beginning, where we’re in the drop ship, Neither of which I’d say deserved spending a few thousand keys to purchase.


What he is saying is unlike smite there is a ton more involved in changeing the model. than a reskin. even smite has very few complete model changes compared to reskins.


I know, I do get that it is a lot of work. I’m just saying it would be cool, if they had the time and resources.


They may do it later on once the main adaptions are out.