Hunter AIs helping too much?


I just got out of a match as Kraken against 3 Hunters and an Assault that was away taking a break. I started out with my usual strategy: Lay a false path leading one way, go the other direction and hide in a bush. It started out reasonably good. The Hunters started following the false trail, and I had no problems. However, after the Hunters jumped down off a ledge near me, everyone but the Assault AI started walking away. The AI quickly jumped towards me and alerted the others to my presence. This repeated about 5 times, which quickly resulted in my death at Stage 1. Is anyone else having troubles with this?


The problem with the bots is that you can’t hide from them unless you are behind an obstacle (rock, building etc.). While hiding in a bush or dark corner works against human players, the bots will immediately start shooting you as soon as they have line of sight on you. I guess you just had bad luck there and the assault saw you maybe in the corner of his vision, that is already enough. I had bots coming towards me while hiding behind a rock as Goliath, with only my back-spikes being barely visible.


Damn. This seems like a problem.


Ah, it’s no big deal once you know how it works. It’s very easy to outsmart the bots when they are following you, just run out of vision, start sneaking and sit behind a rock until they leave the area. Won’t work if they have Daisy, though.


Yeah, Maggie & Daisy gives me the most trouble out of all the Trappers. Thankfully I’ve got a way to avoid Daisy.