Hunter AI tweaks?


Are there any plans to tinker with the Hunter AI? I find the Hunter bots are way too aggressive with wildlife. They simply shoot everything that gets close (or they get close to), and often pick fights that simply have no benefit. Things like megamouth, nomads, tyrants, etc…you simply just don’t need to fight them! It’s a considerable detriment to have bots picking fights they can’t finish, then getting downed somewhere behind you.

All that’s necessary is for the AI to just be a little less aggressive with fauna. If the jungle critters aren’t actually fighting them, just running past is much better than Val deciding to solo a tyrant 200m behind the group. @MacMan


Yeah, what platform are you on?


I have Evolve on both PC and PS4. I notice it more on PS4, but I also play with a mixed bot/human team more on PS4.


I’m on Xb1 and have this same problem ALL the time. The bots attack literally every single aggressive wildlife. I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve been right on the monster’s tail, only to have Hank bot go down because he stopped mid-chase to fight an armadon by himself. It’s infuriating.


I completely concur.

I don’t mind so much if the Assault wants to wipe out small aggressive wildlife like reavers or venom hounds before they damage fellow hunters. But that’s Assault. Medic and Trapper should never be taking on groups of wildlife on their own, they should just be avoiding them. And NOBODY should be taking on large aggressive wildlife like tyrants and megamouths unless said wildlife attacks first. And even then, if they can just tag it to release their teammate and then run away, they should do that. Even Assault.

Perhaps the above would require much more complicated AI algorithms than the current “if X is within 10 meters, attack X until dead”. But it would make the AI so much more bearable and would result in a lot less thrown matches.


I hope the Evolve developers are working on the bots intelligence, they are decent. I hope/wish they can become smarter if possible of course, anyhow you guys (the Evolve developers) are awesome keep up the awesome work. Just a suggestion maybe have the trapper bot go and track down the monster/you follow the tracker bot and still have the trapper bot do there normal things (like for example Griffin bot placing sound spikes etc.). I know you can switch hunters whenever you want to. I don’t know probably was suggested already.


It happens on Xbox one too btw


The hunter bots do this also on Xbox One and the monster bot will occasionally not do anything for a brief moment it is strange.


Oh also, the following feature just doesn’t work, it’s horrible when you’re Bucket and you’re using the UAV and when you finally tag the monster, trapper bot is righ beside you…


I always win against bots. Takes the fun out of solo.


Agreed they need like a intelligence difficulty (like for example a beginner, balanced and pro difficulty, for the AI (bots). They already have a balanced, favor monster, and favor hunters difficulty, but that only increases the damage to monster or hunter or keep the damage balanced. Just a thought that is all.


Nah, at least for monster, (and I guess for hunters too) it actually changes the AI, not the damages value.


I’ve actually thought a simple solution to this would be have wildlife and A.I. hunters ignore each other when not in a combat state.


It does? It says on the Xbox One difficulty change screen that it changes damage it says nothing about intelligence? Or am i reading your sentence wrong? Just wondering?


I may be mistaken but I thought a dev told that the AI actually changes with difficulty.


Hmm. What platform are you using by the way? Just curious? All in all i really hope they’ll still work on the AI (for all platforms) I think they can make them better/would be cool if they could make the AI better. I think the bots have potential to be awesome they just need to be worked on some more.


i won against the monster once without a singly shot at the monsterbot because it wouldn’t fight the armory drones at all


I’ve noticed it on PS4. The assault will go crazy on wildlife. Also, I usually end up switching to trapper mid-match b/c they will follow me around, and not Daisy, or not out planting sound spikes, etc. I get that they didn’t want them to just run off by themselves, but getting the mobile arena up with AI trappers can be painful.


Hmm i also get that to they would just only follow me, but on my version (Xbox One), Griffin bot actually does plant sound spikes (when i am the hunters and monster, but i usually don’t see the spikes much as monster but i have seen one during one of my matches indicating that the Griffin bot does plant sound spike(s). The difficulty is set on balanced by the way, but he doesn’t on your version (PS4) that is weird.


Do you guys also notice that the A.I. on defend (when playing as hunters) are a bit more independent like for example a match i had it was inside of a building and all three of the bots were above trying to kill the monster themselves while i was below the building, that right there is annoying.