Hunter adaptions

I guess there was a reason they called it stage 2, because the hunters are going into their second stages… or whatever. Anyways, I wanted to share my ideas for the next assault hunter adaptions (10 hunters need adaptions I believe, yes the rest of the hunters) as evolve may be getting the contract back, or turtle rock is.

Assault Class:
Mutagen Hyde (Chemsprayer, A faster shot faster spread minigun, and a UV grenade that makes an area as hot as a heated oven, this is the future, after all)
Reborn Kala (Siren Missiles, Lightning Strike gives a cooldown on a random monster ability, Piercing spiral like EK death spiral but does damage only to a monsters health bar)
War Machine Lennox (Thunder Lance same as the plasma lance, but modified to deal health damage when at the fourth quarter of its attack, AutoTurrets deal constant damage and has better accuracy for lower damage output, Thunderstrike)
Demon Core Emet (Replay Turrets lock on to a monster and constantly deal damage before reload, Damage Buoys make an area unsafe for a monster, making a cloud that can either deal poison, fire, or shock damage, Destruction Beacon calls for a missile shot from the Laurie Ann near a monsters location, this is gonna be OP)


There’s already been some other hunter adaptations to create the game’s lore, but because 2K ended the contract, those character adaptations have never seen the day. There was concepts that were planned but who never had the chance to be modeled like Necro Lazarus, EM-Bucket, Captain Bucket, War Bucket, Sunny within an enhanced Thunder Child, Hellfire Hyde and lots of other adaptations.

Oh OK eh I’ll just leave it here anyways

My favorite adaption idea is War Machine Lennox

My favorite idea is the Damage Buoys

Since Kala is becoming more monster than human slowly, they should make her more powerful. such as being able to control siren missile movement.

They actually planned on making her a Monster (Class Swapping) and you could input codes such as 421 giving you Rock Throw or 243 giving you Lava Bomb (She had all the Monster abilities…or maybe it was just Goli, Kirk, Wraith)

Cool concept as well (Name was Kali)

I’m making more of these because you know, more adaption could come around… and it’s fun sharing ideas

Actually there’s a thread called change. Org sign the petition to make those things see the light of day at Chanbe. Org., the type in evolve and sign the petition. Only 400 people out of 7500 need to sign it

Do you talk about Takran’s petition? I know it since it has started back in 2016.

Yep, I’m trying to get more people to sign it. I hope turtle rock still wants evolve

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They still do, I bet. But 2K messed everything up and we’re probably never gonna get Evolve’s rights back.

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I’m gonna make evolve get its rights back, I don’t want to see an original game die because 2k was money hungry


At least you’re not like the negative players that thought that it was TRS who “chose” to be money hungry. The game’s popularity suffered a lot for a long time due to the people beeing confused, the worst is that those people were hungry to see the game die because they were blinded by the hate.

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Yep, 2k shouldn’t have done this to a game like this

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This is cool!

It’s nice to see some fans still have some inspiration!
Sorry for the bad news though.