Hunter adaptations

I really hope markov and Val adaptations
Can hold me over before the monster markov better be badass and make that assault rifle useful
Same with Val she better be the stuff of monsters nightmares

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What I’m happy about is that their play style is different, so I could actually get Kraken mastered and Markov, they both weren’t really my favorite but hopefully these change them.

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Well they have the same kit if that means anything to your statement.

As far as holding you over until the next Monster? I’m positive it will. We only have, about a month give or take a couple days until T5 Monster is released.

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We don’t know how long we’ve got until the monster is out, or when the adaptations are. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s, as far as I know, confirmed to be out in October since all evidence we have point to it being the next T5 character released.

Plus mid-month is when all the T5 characters have been released.

Absolutely nothing has been confirmed.

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Well, all evidence I can find still points to October as the release. :stuck_out_tongue:

The evidence you’re using is arbitrary and holds no water.

You guys are going to get yourselves worked up and then be disappointed/mad when Johnny is “late”.

Patience, young padawan.

We shall see, and if the lovely spider Monster is released in October I gain bragging rights.
######Not really but still.

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When did “this” happen?

That’s my nickname for it.

Johnny 5. Short Circuit. :slight_smile:

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Never heard of it, don’t hurt meh please

Old 80’s movie. :slight_smile:

Ah, that explains it lol

A couple of days???

As in a month and a few days or slightly less than a month. Like, 27 days or 34. Somewhere in that range is my guess.

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Oh…I say we see a trailer then we will be given a date as usual. And another thing lurker is that the name of it because I don’t think that was ever confirmed

Nothing has been confirmed, it’s just that all evidence given to the community points to it being in October. For example, they’re currently working on Hunter adaptations meaning that the team that deals with Monster creation and balancing is currently working on the 5th Monster otherwise they’d be doing nothing; another is that they’ve said it will be out before 2016; October is the scariest month (Halloween) and the perfect time for the scariest Monster; ect.

There’s a bunch more evidence and speculation I’ve gathered and collected but I’d need more time to dig through my memory to find them.

Keep in mind this is, again, all my speculation on what we’ve been given/what I’ve noticed. None of this is proven as fact (except the before 2016 thing)… yet :wink:

Lurker is the production name of the Monster and was leaked a while back, and it’s made the rounds now and is just about everywhere. So it’s not its official name, just what the Devs called it in the studio. Like Lennox was Lenny and that’s why they always call her that during streams, and Jack was Scrap.

It was confirmed by Jess during a Reddit AMA that the T5 Monster is the next to be released, and if they follow the same schedule as Lennox and Jack then October makes sense. That’s mostly why people are guessing then; because it follows the 2 month release gap between characters.