Hunter Adaptations: Brony Hyde, Artemis Maggie and Bengal Hank

Artemis Maggie

Artemis, Goddess of the hunt.

Color themes will be blue.

Machine Pistol

  • 35% capacity.
  • 10% less spread(more accurate)
  • 15% less capacity.
  • 10% less damage.
  • 20% longer reload.

Harpoon Trap

  • Have 30% activation range
  • Pull Kraken down 30% faster
  • 20% longer activation time
  • 20% longer reload timer
  • 20% less health easier to destroy)


  • 20% Climbs terrain.
  • More range when reviving fallen hunters. (half more on what she can do right now)
  • Fire retarded.
  • Can interrupt pounce, (Plants, Monster, Blitzleapord, Tyrants)
  • 20% less health.

Bengal Hank

  • 100% more fluffy and has a badass bengal pimp coat.

Laser Cutter

  • 50% less damage.
  • 50% more capacity.
  • 25% more spread(less accurate)


  • 150% more capacity.

Orbital Barrage

  • 50% less rockets.
  • 20% shorter cooldown.

Personal Cloak

  • 50% less battery.
  • 25% shorter cooldown.

Brony Hyde

100% loves cosplaying with @Azmi_Anuar

Flame thrower
Has blue and yellow baloons particle effect when burning monster and giggles when he melts faces.

  • 200% more fun.
  • 50% more range
  • 50% less capacity


  • 50% more accuracy
  • Has rainbows

Toxic Grenade

  • 500% more fun.
  • 100% more pink.

Personal Shield

  • 500% more fun
  • The color is pink

So that’s all my adaptation ideas so far, I’ll do more when I have the time. Thank for reading this far, if you enjoyed some of my ideas feel free to leave a like below and subscribe to my channel.


I can almost guarantee bengal hank won’t happen unless you mean he’ll have 150% capacity instead of 150% more. Even then a 50% increase would be very irritating for monsters.

Do you mean retardant?

She can already save maggie from plants would be cool to buff that.

I don’t think decreasing their health would do anything since they immediately break on flames or melee.

And how do you feel about Hyde? Defly more fun isn’t it??

I’ve always been a fan of accuracy and range over shorter ranged inaccurate weapons.

Thats it i’m melting you first! :imp:

me getting ready to flee from thread where Hyde is a brony. smh.

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Why isn’t she here yet? XD


What’s wrong with being fire retardant?

look at how you spelt retardant

retardant… I don’t see anything wrong with that.

you wrote retarded. like stupid or challenged

But isn’t Daisy already kind of like that?


Who are you talking about not being here?

Big no on the brony hyde, simply because it will attract bronies.

Brony Hyde is life…

Youll wish for death when the bronies come and post their nasty fanart. And thats not even close to the worst thing a brony can do.

Not all of them are like me you know… some are more subtle like moiser.

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