Hunter A.I. Needs Reprioritization


It should be: Revive Teammates > Defend Objective > Chase Monster

Instead of:

Chase Monster > Defend Objective > Revive Teammates



ooo that would be nice for sure. Also, have Caira wait until I get the tracks before hitting speed boost. She always wastes it as soon as you land.

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Played a game not too long ago where markov + lazarus both died, and there was just me (griffin) and bucket left alive. After managing to completely juke the monster for about 30 seconds, we broke free of line of sight, the kraken stopped chasing us, and then the bucket player ragequit. I wanted to keep an eye on the monster so I could more easily avoid it, so I hotswapped to bucket to quickly UAV the monster cos my team refused to.

AI Griffin immediately started chasing after the Kraken and got himself killed.

I think the AI hunters need to either prioritise staying within x range of teammates or fleeing when teammates are dead, rather than trying to kill themselves ASAP.

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Instead of: Chase Monster > Follow Player > Defend Objective > Revive Teammates > Survive/Flee Monster

It should be: Survive/Flee > Revive Teammates > Defend Objective > Follow Player > Chase Monster

Literally still the inverse.

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