Hunter A.I. Needs MAJOR Overhaul: NON-Wraith Decoy Discussion


I watched my A.I. character walk around aimlessly as my teammates were getting wrecked by an A.I. Wraith. (Pressing X to take over the bot did nothing.)

Hank literally just walked around staring at the walls halfway across the map.

Daisy needs to be more useful than just tracking the Monster and only running away when the Monster is in mauling distance. So infuriating to watch the computer stupidity.


And I guess I’m being punished for playing solo.

I was on Defend, and instead of defending the objective, my 3 A.I. teammates went completely to the other side of the map and just chased the monster down. I made a point of moving to the complete opposite corner of the map. Needless to say, I have lost 7/10 matches on Defend (I’ve been playing all evening.)

What is up with the A.I.?


And Rescue Mode. Why on Earth do the Survivors prioritize coming toward the Monster instead of getting to the ship?

If you trap the Monster in the Arena to protect them from the Monster, and the Medic, Assault, and Support are by the launch site…the Survivors run straight for the Monster, instead of the ship. Okay. That’s unrealistic.


Ho. Ly. $h!t. Ever heard of editing your post bro? It will do WONDERS. Word of advice, is that the AI FOLLOWS YOU. So bring the AI TO THE AREA. If anything YOU prevented the survivors from getting to the extraction point. Also, it’s a pretty good strategy to hunt the monster in Defend. Hunt it down and mess it up before it can gain armor. You already know where it’s going to go, so just hunt it. It has nowhere to run.


The question is why they would follow the lone Trapper on the other side of the map while ALL 3 OTHER PLAYER CHARACTERS are:

A: closer to the Survivors
B: sitting right on the launch site


Okay, but if you put a dome around yourself, on Rescue, with the monster inside, then they will follow you inside, and then they’re basically screwed because you just trapped them.

Also, I’m playing Defend right now with three AI’s and they’re all just chilling here with me, waiting for more minions to spawn. So, yeah, it does. Maybe it’s a problem with your matches? Idk man, but it’s definitely working for me.


I took a lot of game clips of them just running off on Defend.


I’d love to see these. :blush:


AI went to meet the monster due to not getting their regular tea-break i see.



Some aren’t uploaded.

You can see that I’m chilling by the Generator and they are ~100+ meters away…doing their own thing.


Are they uploaded on your XBox profile video clip thing?


And how, exactly? Daisy is great already. She tracks down the Monster and revives you. Granted, she isn’t the best at revives, and she sometimes just… stands there and watches as the Monster eats you and charges her, but still.

Daisy needs to run away more.


Yes, but it’s publicly available.

And here’s another one of them…200+ (TWO HUNDRED) meters away…but they follow the Monster back to where I am, near the end.


Exactly. I’m saying they give her an actual click function. Toggle between hunting the Monster and running away from it.

Or take control of her once Maggie is dead. Anything other than standing by the Monster once everyone else is gone.


…Agreed. Watching her little body get tossed around is awful.


I just made another recording just now. I will send it to you right when it posts.

I was standing on the generator and you can watch as they just…chase the Monster down. Over 100 meters.

And to note, Trapper A.I. isnt programmed to throw the Arena up during Defend. Also weird.


I just confirmed in Hunt that it is not restricted to Defend…Markov ran off after the Monster…solo. Over 200 meters. Just…by himself.


They do that sometimes, I wish they’d respond to a yellow waypoint you place and cancel their aggro on the monster. For defend you can try early pressure on the monster. I think its behaviour is scripted somehow based on map area, status of the generators and armour. You can put them into a nice loop of doom if you trigger their feed need and just shoot them while they try to eat. The AI doesn’t deal well with that and starts running around aimlessly or goes simply for the next wildlife.


This is what I want wth the daisy mechanistic. Be able to control daisy will be so much easier. She will be more like buckets drone and if maggie dies, we could have fun running away from the monster as a trapjaw.


The only problems I have with AI, is that in higher level games, everyone can avoid Decoy on Wraith. If you walk slightly backwards, just out of it’s range, and not walking too far out of it’s range to get it to blink, it will never hit you. You can literally avoid every attack from Decoy if you know how, especially if it’s slowed.

And second, Daisy, everything, let us control the dog like I said weeks ago in other posts. Lets us give commands to her or something, her AI just makes her stand next to the monster, and if Lazarus is on the team, it turns off part of her AI.