Hunt: What happens if monster is level 2 and time runs out?


who wins then??


no one knows?


If the games run time ends then the hunters win always. The time limit is not specific to the monster being Stage 3


Except for Nest. Although, not sure about Rescue? Who wins rescue if time runs out?


That’s not actually true, I’ve been in games (on both sides) where time started counting down before stage 3


Thats what he said :stuck_out_tongue:


Answer: hunters win


Crap, I read wrong. Thank you


I said that the countdown does not only happen at stage 3 XD


Answer: monster


I seem, and was previously corrected. Sorry


It is fine as long as the minor confusion was sorted in the end


wow that’s so stupid
aren’t the hunters hunting the monster?


It is kinda going both ways tbh, the hunters are hunting the monster but at the same time are kinda being hunted by the monster. Anyway the monster loses if the relay is not destroyed story wise so why should the monster win on time if they do not even take care of the objective given to them?


The monsters main objective is get to stage 3 and beat up the power relay in the time allowed, while the hunters main objective is to kill the monster


The monsters secondary objective is to kill the hunters, if he does this he wins


Hunt is in the thread title man! :slight_smile:


It’s to force the monsters to eventually engage. Both the relay and the time limit are just means to cause conflicts because that’s where the action is at.


Would rescue ever hit a time limit, that would mean that the monster and hunters would essentially be ignoring the game modes main objective wouldn’t it


Thats what I thought but had never seen it happen. I assumed Monster wins because the Hunters have the main objective, rescue these people.