Hunt the Hunters


Evolve has been getting a lot of flak lately, but this game has so much potential. But I feel that they need to add more of a horror aspect to the game, for the monsters at least.

In LFD, you would have quiet moments where at any time, a smoker or hunter could pick off a lone survivor, and you knew that. So if you’re a survivor and you’re alone, you begin to get scared. especially if you hear a hunter or a smoker. You could even scare survivors on purpose by crouching as hunter to make them hear you. It’s all about messing with their heads, making them afraid and panic.
As the monster, I feel like you’re more afraid of the survivors. if they’re well coordinated, they can take you down easy. You need to panic and feed/evolve without them getting to you before level 3. I feel the fear mentality is more with the hunters, rather than the monster. Now, this is were I bring my point in

I know the Wraith is supposed to be the ‘stalker’ kind of monster, but he’s big, and can be extremely panic-y when you’re fighting hunters. you kind of button mash. Especially with your low health, the hunters can be very scary. What i’m getting at is, maybe a new, ‘hunt-the-hunters/predator’ sort of thing.

  • It’d be a lot smaller, big enough for the hunters to distinguish it though. If you look at this; the hunter is 6’5. So, this monster would probably be close to double that. maybe around the Goliath’s chest/stomach.

  • Given its size, it’d have low health, but it’d be able to stack more armor. Making quick pokes very important, and dealing lots of damage quickly vital.

  • It’d be extremely fast, due to it’s vulnerability. Making trapping it early on vital, if you trapped it at level 1, you’d probably be able to kill it. Or at least chip off it’s health massively. Given this, it could alert birds on purpose in one area, and quickly run away to another area to feed.

  • I know the Wraith already has its grab, I was thinking something similar to that for this guy. Something that it could pounce on you, and drag you away from the survivors. A possible scenario is you drag someone away, incapacitate them, then while they’re healing them, drag another one away.

  • It’d have an eerie look obviously, most of the monsters look big and grotesque, This one would be more human-like, but tall, slim, and creepy. Not Slenderman, but similar in it’s eerie-ness.

  • Possibly mobility on walls, able to move around while climbing or stay on walls and blend in. so maybe skins that are extremely based on map surroundings, green he could crouch in the grass, grey/white he could blend into the sides of rocks, and pounce. Things like that.

  • An idea for an ability could be a screech that buffs its attack power massively. It relies on this, and as it strikes, it would screech, if the hunter had fast reflexes they could dodge it. Or, to cause fear, you could be hiding and use the screech to cause the hunters to become worried.

These are just some ideas. If you guys have any ideas feel free to share them!


How about for a swap between wraith’s Grab, it has a Pounce Ability, which when it hits a hunter, begins the stealth attack animation :3 ?