Hunt: Showdown - General Discussion


Doesn’t know much about this game,can anybody give me a brief based on their perception ?



Find clues to narrow down AI boss location while avoiding other players


Up to 10 players, either in solo or duos, are competing to collect a bounty on a monster. Currently the two main bounties are a giant spider or a creature called The Butcher. In order to find the boss you need to collect up to 3 clues to locate it’s position on the map. Once you find the boss, you then need to kill and banish the creature. After it has been banished you then have to leave the map via 1 of 3 exit locations. While you are carrying a piece of the banished monster, you are visible on the map as well as in dark vision, which lets you see the general location of that player. There are a variety of enemy AI scattered around the map that act as speed bumps and minor obstacles.

If your hunter dies, for any reason player or enemy AI, they are gone forever and you lose all experience and levels on that hunters as well as their gear.


So, got a key for the closed alpha :thinking:


Slow burning, atmospheric, pvp game with the option of teaming up with one other. The pve element is somewhat oversold I think. Aside from the main bosses, which most of the time you won’t fight, it’s no more pve than Evolve.

But it does feel like evolve in that sense, hazardous environment, being cautious of being ambushed, lots of atmosphere. But a more traditional fps in mechanics.

I do think anyone that enjoyed playing hunters in evolve would enjoy this game, and most people that enjoyed playing monster for the thrill of being in danger/hunted. Hunt showdown is a game that gets the blood pumping in a similar way.


Thank for the writing,about the pvp aspect,is it more like traditional fps or it is something more different ?.From what i see you can one shot a dude so it is (loosely) similar in PUBG in the sense of resident danger


Something differentish. To hip fire you need to right click and to ads you have to click/hold a second button

Headshot 1 shots and I think the single shot sparks LRR one shots on torso shot but it has like 11 ammo


Sparks is still debatable. I’ve done several tests and most of the time they do not 1 shot even point blank. However. It has done it a couple times. I’ve tested several times to see if it was an arm/head being hit but couldn’t find the root cause. I don’t think it’s ever intended to 1 shot 150 hp hunters, just 100 HP newbs.


Mmk I’m gonna avoid using it then


Yeah as others have said it’s not conventional in how you aim, the developers want you to choose between melee action and shooting, and make it so you have to make an active choice to move from more stealthy and silent action to ranged action.

But otherwise it’s point and shoot, it’s “normal” weapons with a few grenade and deployable options, and an array of melee weapons that work powerfully or not depending on your stamina.

One shotting seems unlikely, and aiming is definitely a skill in this game thanks to some realistic sway at aim down sights, and a general lack of accuracy when hip firing. This isn’t counter strike level pin point first shot accuracy down the aiming decal.


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Thank fam,i will be watching this game with unusual attention and definitely gonna get my hand on it when i can


Just meleed a dude not moving (cause he was grabbing a clue) 3 times with a machete first hit was charged the 2nd and 3rd were not and then he charged hacks me once and I die… like even if he did have 150 health I would think that a 2 non charged hits would deal at least 50 damage each

Never gonna use melee on a person again


I punched a dude to death with brass knuckles once, because he was so preoccupied with shooting me from behind cover that I was able to come around behind. That and I had no ammo left.


Welp the guy machete’d me to death with one hit while somehow eating 3 hits so I’m not gonna be trusting melee weapons for killing players.


Dunno if you guys know this but throwing a firebomb/breaking a lantern on an enemy players corpse makes it impossible to pick them back up.

Managed to steal a bounty from a group by killing one player and shooting a lantern that was over their corpse.


Yup. This was an unintentional bug that might end up sticking around. We’re still discussing if we want to keep it in. On one hand it’s nice and tactical, but on the other it negates the downed system and creates a fire bomb /lantern meta.


Well it actively punishes duos that split up which I kinda like and makes people watch where they got downed and think about where they fight you

Grabbing a lantern lights you up so that solves itself by making you vulnerable

Dunno about the fire bombs might want to take em out or something


Ya I’m ok with lanterns, and I wouldn’t mind removing the ability from Fire Bombs doing that (As they already have purpose) and take a single use ‘flare’ that you have to use while over the body. This prevents throwing from a safe distance but still allows lanterns and this ‘new consumable’ to do the same thing but at more risk.


Might be a little confusing for new players


Possibly. I think the easiest way would be to have lanterns burn a different color (Like blue) when you’re holding them and have the consumable item be blue as well. So just have blue fire. Although, this takes out lanterns that you can soot and oil spills. In the end people will know or not simply because people would have tried it if they are at all good/experimental.