Hunt: Showdown - General Discussion


Maybe, but only with a headshot. Otherwise it does only 28-30 damage at most.


ADS with slight sway and what feels like 100% accuracy isn’t that hard?


Which is why any gun can do that :slight_smile:


But a silenced pistol would be able to do that without anyone knowing where the shot came from.


I think you’re ignoring the fact that none of the other guns are silenced so it’s the only ranged silent takedown


Maybe, but good players don’t crawl/creep around, they are running. Nagant has REALLY slow travel time so hitting a moving running target is really hard. On top of that, if they have a silenced nagant, I know that they can only have either a rifle or a shotgun for their primary, as such my partner can take long shots while I chase with a shotty. The problem is that it seems good because there are a LOT of bad players out right now. hell, I won a round with just a knife + medkit, killing 3 players and being the one to kill the spider + banish and take the bounty. People just aren’t good yet.


I really like how the library/credits/legal stuff is set up

The covers are cool

Actually got me to click it and flip through


I suggested that they let us unlock lore bits by kills/bounties/level ups etc. I like it so far.


I’d definitely be interested in seeing the journal of a professor van helsing type character

Like an educated hunter journal talking about the science/rules behind the monsters and some redneck barely literate hunter talking solely but how best to kill something and what’s good eating


That would be cool. The books almost reminded me of Dwarf book of grudges :stuck_out_tongue:


By redneck I’m thinking either bole brothers from malazan book of the fallen or Bubba Shackleford from monster hunters inc


I have a spare key if anyone else here is looking to get in, first come first serve.

Edit: and it’s claimed


I’ll take a key
When does it end? I can play tomorrow but then I am busy on weekend


There’s no end date announced yet



I’m sorry :cry:


Man I just had a super close game with a friend.

Fighting the butcher and my friend goes down cause another pair showed up and shot him. I ran away and hid for a couple minutes. Snuck back a couple minutes later and went looking for the enemy players but they hadn’t attacked the boss after I ran off and were just camping.

So I’m sneaking around the location of the boss (blanchett graves). Waiting for them to peak their head out and this continues for a few minutes before they attack the boss but I keep waiting outside until I see one pop out to heal and I killed him then ran for the bushes so I could ambush the 2nd guy when he went for his friend. Eventually he popped his head out and started heading for his buddy and I lined up a headshot and BAM killed him.

Rescued my friend. Killed the butcher. Banished and then extracted.

This game gets my heart pumping like mad lol.


Its got its moments for sure :slight_smile:


In multiplayer terms this game, evolve and maybe natural selection are the only games that have given me that kind of adrenaline pumping feeling full of clutch moments and keeping me on edge.


Just got my key. I can’t wait to die in the mud.