Hunt: Showdown - General Discussion


I’m happy I can finally share how creepy the traits are lol


And here I am, having signed up but never getting a key. :frowning:


This one is hilarious.


Hell hounds hurt =(

Also surprised they’re only worth 20 each


Just melee them with the knife. Their AI is pretty bad if you are aggressive against them. They will stop to lunge after/chase, but VERY vulnerable before.


Didn’t have a knife at the time and was chasing the bounty when I got too close to them.

Even when I was only like 6 feet away I managed to kill 3 of em but still they’re faster than armoureds take like triple the bullets overall.

Like compared to the hives they’re much more dangerous cause 5 of em and they deal a lot more damage but they’re worth less individually.


Ya, they seem super bullet resistant, but only 1 knife stab. Also, knife is the best weapon/tool in the game. ALWAYS take it with you.


2 to the torso or 1 to the head seemed to kill em with my winfield. I was just too close to kill more than 3 of em before the last 2 bit me which took out a health bar each

Noted :+1:


Yup, generally if you have to run from them unless you can jump through a window it can be pretty bad.


The only reason the knife is the best weapons is because a shovel isn’t a weapon yet.


I’m mostly sad I lost my nagant silenced revolver… I killed 5 people with that…

Stealth headshot op


Not sure why you think that, but even then knife is just too good right now. I’m working with the devs and my strongest push is to change the knife to a secondary and not a tool. It’s just ridiculously good as a tool.


o.O I hate that gun :stuck_out_tongue: It’s ‘fun’/cute but I’d rather just take the standard rifle + shotty.


I love it cause

  • 1 shots anything that isn’t big if you headshot (ie not meatheads or armoureds)
  • Doesn’t alert enemies to your location

I’ve actually hunted down players cause they were firing their rifles at everything


So does the knife :stuck_out_tongue: Thats why knife is so good. It one shots hives/grunts. It can 4 shot armors (Just hit them once in the legs so they can’t chase you and then finish it off or move on) The problem with the silenced negant is that it is ONLY good for headshots against players/bosses, but at that point a headshot from anything kills them.


Shovels are the best weapons in any game.


Yeah but the knife you have to get into melee range.

Yes but this is the only silenced gun so I can headshot them and their partner/random hunters nearby won’t know where I am

If I want a shotty and a rifle I can just go quartermaster


True, but melee range is the only range where anything can really hit you. So you shouldn’t be shooting things unless they are in your way as it is.


You can use hand cannons without quartermaster. Quartermaster lost its appeal after Caldwell silent nerf.


But I can kill a player who isn’t in my way currently with very little risk.