Hunt: Showdown - General Discussion


About 20 or so really popular ones are allowed to stream today. Us non celebs have to wait until tomorrow :slight_smile:


Let us know when you go live.


@maddcow is streaming now btw :slight_smile:


It was a bad day for me. I’ll have to catch the archive.


Here are a few random clips from people and me.

This is my son’s experience with the new Butcher Boss.

The strength of a well timed earth shattering kaboom.

This is why Audio Cues are important.

My son’s reaction to when I killed someone in the swamps.


I just…couldn’t get into it enough. It was so dark that most of the time you don’t see much going on around you enough to navigate, let alone see enemies. I wonder if it can be adjusted in settings because this would hurt my eyes to try and play at this juncture.


It’s brighter on my screen than my videos show for some reason.


There are also day mode maps. They definitely lack the same atmosphere but eliminate any issues with feeling like you can’t see what’s doing on.


I never had a problem navigating and only got ambushed by submerged enemies shrug


So is it fun?


I think it is but the aiming/ADS system is stupid as shit.


I don’t have a problem with the aiming. It takes a few goes to get used to, but I don’t understand the hatred some people have for it. Dev explanation on why they do it this way seems fair.

@Hillbilly_Deathlord it is fun, as long as you’re ok with a slower pace and, if leading the charge in the game, doing a lot of evasive running rather than fighting. I think that fun will vary quite a lot too. I don’t know if it’s match making bugs but it seems to be the case some people join servers to kill a bunch of AI then leave without ever trying to meet another player or engage with the primary objective.

Those games are extremely anti-climactic. The first time you have one, where you don’t meet another Hunter, you feel like a pro. Then it happens again, and again, and you feel like you are playing on a dead server. Kind of like, but not as bad as (because you can and the game yourself) what flee til 3 felt like for hunters.


Really? Wow…I never figured people would hide underwater! I guess I should have…seeing as how monsters sometimes did that in Evolve, or tried to…


No way, your streams are some of the best quality I’ve seen.


Here is a video where Malk and I go into a night mission with just a knife + medkit.

Here is another one where I show that even with just the starting rifle you can be decent.


Naw I’m talking about the zombie things not sure if players can hide underwater


Some motherfucker tried to kill me so I ran into the trees and waited for him to chase me and I headshotted him with my silenced revolver. Dropped him and then headshotted him on the ground a couple times cause fuck him then another guy took a pot shot at me and I ran away lol


I’ve decided that I think I like playing Solo better than teaming up, at least in terms of getting randoms. Need to practice more getting the strategy right when you have a partner. Solo it’s much more “free”.


Frames are still pretty bad but the dark sight is so much better now.


I’ve been streaming this for the past few days so if anyone wants to come by I’m answering questions and whatnot.