Hunt: Showdown - General Discussion


It is what it is, not sure what else to say. They obviously have their reasons for it. Considering that the Closed Alpha, which is streamable and recordable, is this month after this test I don’t see the biggie.


Check your emails boys and ghouls


Gamers can be so dumb.


I think most were joking if you were talking about the stress test the stress test stuff


Yeah, most were trolling I’m sure, but some are genuinely morons


I can’t wait to discuss the game and stream/record though. But ya, the discord blew up into really dumb memes after the servers melted.


Another stress test today at 8pm CET


Closed Alpha confirmed for Jan. 31st which WILL be streamable etc… I’m decent friends with the Devs so I should be able to secure a key and do my usual pre release testing and mechanic showing off :slight_smile:




Hmm, I have my eye on this. I really want to see some streams Maddie. I’m curious but I’m not sold on this title yet.


I’ll be able to talk more about it once the Alpha hits cuz NDA and all.


The only part of this that I can see being any possible fun is taking down the other human controlled players. Shooting AI will be as boring as ever so it’s how entertaining it is sneaking through the undergrowth to take down the others will be.


The game seems entirely centred on the pvp element for its fun. The pve element appears to be there precisely to give there depth to the pvp element. Try to find the monster first, decide to set up to smoke whoever does, adapt between the two. There seems to be a lot of options on the table that suits people interested in playing a strategic game and enjoying adapting their plans on the fly.


This is my foreseen concern. I don’t see why a team that is fighting the boss and close to taking it down won’t get wiped by a fresh team that sat back a while waiting to exhaust both the other teams and the boss. The Vulture style of PVP…you know, when you fight hard to get that kill but somebody rushes in and grabs that last hit and gets all the bonuses instead of you who did all the work.


To answer your concerns it’s no different than pubg only instead of having a circle area dictate the area of engagement, it’s an NPC boss. The PvE is basically what narrows down the map, same with the exits. So it slowly encourages the players to get closer and closer to eachother but not forcing it.


Yep. It looks like you have to make your style work for you. If you know you can find the boss first, plan your extraction, and execute it then that’ll be how you play it.

Know you’re not strong on being the focus of people’s attempts to kill you? Then become the vulture.

I’m sure there will also be people that try to preempt the process as much as possible and get rid of opposition even before the monster is slain?

I don’t know what that conditions are for trying to stop a situation of no-one going in to get the monster. @MaddCow do you know if there are penalties if the match time goes on too long and no-one is acting (if it’s something outside of NDA)

Edit: It should be said that I know that some on the forum initially looked at this game as something that Evolve players might enjoy and I think it’s the sort of game that people who enjoyed playing monster might enjoy because of that need to keep on your toes. But I don’t think anyone looking for the same kind of co-op, teamwork based gameplay is going to find that to a significant level Hunt: Showdown. It’s a deathmatch game at the end of the day.


Possibly, but unless they bump into eachother it isn’t really practical. Ammo is kinda limited, gunshots can be heard a good deal away giving away your position which means others know which way to look etc…

Nothing like this has been mentioned, but all you are doing is slowing down your own progression. While I ‘can’ see 10 people just waiting for someone to make the move, in reality it won’t happen that often.


That’s how I feel about it, I guess it’ll be something devs have to look at if it happens that their players tend to do it for some reason. I’m sure something simple like a sizeable XP or carry-over money reward for killing/banishing the monster even if you die would be a good first step to explore but…as you say… seems unlikely to be needed.


Well killing the boss and banishing both give good sized xp rewards, and XP is the only way to increase bloodline which unlocks newer guns. That being said, I believe if it really ended up being the meta that people just camped without going for the objective, it would be easy enough to introduce a mechanic that has some sort of an enemy track players that are sitting still for too long or even do a crow like mechanic like DbD.

By the way if you aren’t in the stress test there are new sign ups right now in their discord. Just go to announcements and click the form. They are doing another round of stress tests next week.


Should be some twitch streams for this today for anyone wanting to watch some gameplay from streamers, in half an hour or so from the time of this post.