Hunt: Showdown - General Discussion


Be sure to tell us as soon as you have any news regarding the devs replying you. That would be awesome


Can a mod please make this the main thread regarding Hunt : Showdown?


Most likely if I do get access to early stuff I won’t be able to talk about it. But I’ll be sure to let everyone know about anything public. Out of all the E3 games this one had my attention the most :slight_smile:


All I want from this game:

  1. For it to be on PS4
  2. For it let me control the monster



Not gonna happen


Ugggggghh so good


Honestly, I don’t get how this is a successor to Evolve. The whole point of Evolve is that one player gets to be the monster. This is multiple hunter teams going for an NPC quarry. I got so hyped when I heard it was a spiritual successor to my favorite game, and then I was just let down.


Who is saying that? Sounds like people trying to generate hype for the “game done right” crowd.


It was mentioned in the OP.


1 person said that, I wouldn’t worry. This game looks unique like Evolve and you get to Hunt Monsters!!!

I’m pretty pumped


I’m really stoked to. Hoping for some balance changes to be rolled before release but otherwise I’m stoked that it has great potential at the moment.


Like i heard. What they mean by perma death is that if the character you play as dies, you wont ever be able to play as them again. And you get a new generated character throught their “Bloodline System”.I dont yet know what transfers with death atm or what you lose.


What I am concerned with is that I am hearing a lot of buzzwords that mean “Microtransactions” and “Loot Boxes”. I really hope they take the high road on this one and just do normal progression for it.


If it’s a good system some sort of perk system would stay in place but gear wouldn’t. Although, having some sort of ‘legacy’ gear would be kinda cool in a way as well.


Let’s all sign up and try to see if it deserves the title of an evolve spiritual successor.


Already signed up.


I think this game will have a wildly different flavor, but I’m totally down for another good hunt game. I’m signed up.


It looks like Battle Royal Game with Monster hunting elements. And if said Hunteing are gonna be good this game might ba success but if they are bat we’re gonna have just another PUBG clone.
I also hope there will be some RPG-like skill tree or something like that.


Meh, I like games like this. I’ll give it a try. Even though I don’t think it’ll be an Evolve spiritual successor.


Looking forward to trying this game out!