Hunt: Showdown - General Discussion


Gives time to get to that part of the map.


It only takes like 5 minutes to cross the map with no perks. Unless someone gets super lucky you should have narrowed it down with at least 2 clues. If you get determination and greyhound you can probably cut that time in half and have tons of time to ambush them even if you hadn’t already started heading towards their location when you heard the dozens of gunshots from the same direction


Most of the time yes. However, hauling all ass is usually noisy. That and you also have to figure that you don’t always want to engage directly at the location being banished and so you want to get setup someplace else. The biggest thing is that there are 16 places the boss can be. The outside map contains 50%. There is a decent chance the first place someone goes can have a boss. As such, I’ve been in a game when literally I ran to my first clue and the boss was already being banished. My buddy and I can down either boss in less than a minute and that was with T1 gear.


I mean as long as they’re not afk at the spawn point you can cut about 5-10% off that 5 minute timer.

The inside of the map has half too which everyone can get to easily before they finish banishing with 3 1/2 minutes and even the outside ones everyone can get to if the duo doesn’t get super lucky and encounter it at their first location

If they get that lucky they should have basically a free extraction or have their enemies chasing their heels without time to set up.

Thats a minute closer to the boss than they started (if they were literally on the opposite side of the map) + whatever the time you spent traveling to the boss


Less than half. Alains, Blanchett, Cyprus Huts, Davant Ranch, Slaughterhouse, Catfish Grove, Chapel, Scupper Lake and reynard Mill are all on the edge, Port Reeker, Still water & Darrow are also close enough to get to quite quickly. The only real 'midle ones, are Alice & Lockbay, Cremetorium and healing are so so, but not relaly.

Possibly, I still want to see more good players because most don’t go after the boss very well/often. As such, I’ve only has like 2 games where tihs happened to me.


I generally see atleast 3 creeping directly around the boss location and theres usually at least another group setting up an ambush somewhere nearby

Also whats the deal with having 2 secondary slots if I can’t actually have 2 pistols? Like if I require the trait to have two pistols why not just make the secondary slot only have 1 slot until I unlock the trait?

Also @MaddCow if you wouldn’t mind could you ask the devs to organize the store by when the equipment unlocks cause based on a quick look at the store I’d assume Winfield Talon would be the last to unlock but it’s actually the precision dolch which before I looked at the unlock level looked like it’d unlock after the caldwell handcannon


My game runs with like…barely 10 fps and freezes in the menus, and my PC is no potato. Is there anything at all I can do until some more patches come out?


Think there was a reddit post with instructions on how to change your settings


It used to be by level, but now it’s alphabetical. I also don’t like it this way. I also dislike you can’t organize your own stash.


I guess that sorta makes sense but imo it should be organized by unlock level atleast while it’s still locked

I can deal with that by just selling the things I don’t like.

Not a real fan of the sights on the rifles =/ favourite sight is the one on the nagant revolver


Holy shit some of those balance changes


Yup. REALLY good changes for the most part :smiley: Fucking love the QA and Balance team.


First aid though =(


I like it. First aid was op to begin with. Also gives a reason to use consumable vit shots.


They already had a reason though they fully healed you, immediate use, stopped fire and bleeding


There were so so, but really how often are you bleeding/on fire when you aren’t dead? On top of that Doc + Phys was instant 2 HP chunks which is usually +100 hp. It needed a big nerf. People still didn’t take vit shots. The meta was bigger booms.


Little sad I can’t retire level 1’s anymore =/ I’d hire people just to get their guns so I could equip the ones that came with half decent traits


You can still do that, just go in unarmed and see how many clue runs you can do before they die.


FPS is higher but lots of flickering lights and fps drops especially when I went into a building dropped to like 9 FPS constantly but it would pop back up when I used dark vision


Not had a chance to play much, crash central since the update, but the quality all around has taken a massive uptick. FPS is definitely better, the maps looks a lot better and more impressive.