Hunt: Showdown - General Discussion


Meh I’d rather not take those out of the equation.


Agreed. Personally I’m fine with people having to figure things out on their own. Its a lost art.


I’m getting ready pretty soon to start playing.
Should I go for randoms or does anyone in here want to assist me in learning?


I would but I’m at work :slight_smile: If you have questions shoot me up, I’ve done a lot of testing and whatnot on my own as well as working with the Devs.


Question, How to do anything.


The pointy end goes into the other man :slight_smile:
That being said, here are some starting tips:

Always bring a medkit and a knife. The Romero Handcannon is the best 2ndary until you can find someone with a caldwell handcannon or you can buy it.

Be quick and efficient but don’t make too much noise. Birds, horses, chickens and kennels can bring people to you in a hurry.

The winfield is arguably the best primary for a long time. However, the iron sights is not really accurate. It’s closer to the bottom 1/3 of the V portion of the iron sights instead of the tip. As such, try getting used to some headshots on zombies near an exit so you can leave if you make too much noise and attract other players.

The biggest sources of XP are Players + Boss Kill, Banishing & bounty extraction. Ignore most trash except Hives and Armoreds are worth it.

Armors take 4 knife hits, full stamina you can only do 3. So hit the legs so they can’t walk fast while you regen enough for the last hit. If you do walk backwards from an armor, wait for the lunge before hitting it back.

Your first trait points should ALWAYS be increasing max health.

Aside from that the rest is more learn as you go.


Couple more things:

You can always extract at any time. So don’t engage in a fight unless you feel confident in your success. You are rewarded extremely well for setting up a good ambush instead of just shooting someone from a distance and hoping you hit. Wait for the to walk/crouch before taking a headshot as their is travel time on bullets.


Problem, I can barely run the game. And the graphics options are, limited.


Yup, its not optimized at all. There are a few places where you can change things in the console but it’s very CPU heavy. I chug a lot and drop to single digit frames enough. That being said, if you have an nvidia card you can use the control panel and turn off most of the settings. It doesn’t help heaps, but it does a little.


One of the problems with this game is that if a second group shows up while you’re killing the boss there is nothing to force both of you to stop camping or help you track down the campers sitting in a bush watching the outside of the area

Like I’ve been sitting in a bush for the past 5 minutes watching for the solo guy after he tried to kill me while I was killing the boss. I know he’s there cause I missed one shot and he booked it and a minute ago I heard him shoot the boss

And I don’t have much health to lose since I have one bandage left


I find it much easier/safer to engage the boss as there are limited entrances (For most areas) so its easy to hear someone come in after you and get the jump on them. Then kill/banish the boss and I usually just leave the boss room and hide it out and then wait to see if its worth taking bounty.

Duo I play much differently and just take the bounties at that point.


The problem is I’m at blanchett grave where it is much easier to get shot in the back


Spider or Butcher?




Camp the bell tower in the nearby church. Good view of the area. Can hear people coming from below. That butcher location there is easy to get swarmed usually. However, if you are the first person there to kill the boss, LOTS of dark spots in the pit.


I ended up killing the boss and thinking he was gone and then when I spotted him i zig zagged and shottied him twice =/ I feel gross


Don’t be, :slight_smile: A lot of players aren’t good, so be more daring now while most people are still learning to help learn mechanics faster :smiley:


Just feels like the opposite of my preferred playstyle and I dislike how effective it is with my current 20-30 fps and the travel time and sway of the guns

Anyone know the exact time it takes to banish a boss?


210 seconds I believe. Might’ve changed since I timed it last as I’ve been super busy past couple weeks but it seems about right.


jeeeeeeez thats awhile lol