Hunt "Random" map generator


Has anyone noticed that your first Hunt game (ranked) very, very, very often is Broken Hill Mines or Foundry?

Can the devs look at the “random” map generator? Would be great if it would be less of a pseudo and more of a real random map generator. :slightly_smiling:

Map Rotation Bugs

Really? I very rarely see mines or foundry. I wish I saw mines more myself. I tend to get aviary and distillery a lot.


3/5 games were Broken Hill mine just now. I don’t know how the random generator works but it hates me.

Oh, and now in Skirmish, right after I join… Broken Hill mine. :smiley:


The last few times I’ve played ranked, BH Mine came up at least once out of 3 or 4 games. Probably just bad luck, but still weird.


At least on XB, I almost always get BH Mines first and then BH Foundry.


That’s how random works. You can get the same map three times in a row. Or you never see one in 2 weeks.
That’s random.

Look at this picture: which one do you think is random?

It’s the left one. Some clumped up points, some free spaces. The right on is modified to be more equally distributed.

Here’s the article I got the picture from
I haven’t read it actually, but there’s probably more information. It’s an interesting topic.


Yeah, I know how random works. ^^

But if the “random” sequence of maps always starts with the same maps, there is something wrong with the generator.

The Dam is another map that comes very often at the start.
One theory I have is this: The Broken Hill maps and The Damn are maps that both Hunters and Monsters don’t like. Consequently, they are skipped often in Skirmish and rarely ever played in Customs.
So what if there is a global random map generator which tries to even out the maps played? The generator delivers those rare played maps more often in Hunt mode to push them.
Only a dev can answer how it works. I don’t know who to tag here, does somebody know?

On a side note, I think it would be great if you could vote skip a map in Hunt mode, too. If Monster and the majority of the Hunters want to skip a map, they should be able to do so.


I also feel like getting BH mines alot, played 5 games yesterday and I believe 2 or 3 were BH mines.
Don’t mind the map that much though, can be good.


You could have a look at Negativity bias.
Basically, you recognize negative events more than positive ones.

Best example is rain.
Sometimes you go outside without an umbrella and it’s not raining. Fine.
Sometimes you go outside with an umbrella and it’s raining. Fine.
Sometimes you go outside with an umbrella and it’s not raining. Fine.
And sometimes you go outside without an umbrella and it’s raining. You say “Why is it always raining when I don’t have my umbrella with me?”

This is the same now with the maps. “Why do I get BH mines so often?”.
It’s simple: You don’t.
Well, you might got them often lately, but if you would start taking notes about which maps you play and how many times, you’ll see it’s actually random


Well, I don’t like Aviary, too, but it doesn’t come that often. :wink:
Maybe you are biased to refuse to believe I may be right. :smiley:

Anyway, this discussion is fruitless because I am guessing that the generator works “wrong” and you are guessing that it works correct. We both have no insight in how it actually works. :slight_smile:

I’ll just tag @Shaners here, maybe she can ask the right person.


Yes I am :wink:


Instead of a “Random” Generator there needs to be a different system to provide more of a balanced feel to map choices.

Simply put it that the game needs to keep track of how many times a player has played said map and keep it even among the other maps.

Seems hard with the game putting in 5 players but hey, they did the Class Preference system so it would kinda be the samething.


I tend to get broken Hill mines at least twice in a ten match span, and I can honestly say I have never gotten distillery in hunt 2.0 as monster (i’m only about 50 games in but still) and it’s my favorite Map T.T