Hunt only quickplay on consoles now if possible?



Since Stage 2’s quickplay is only Hunt, is a server side update possible to change it on consoles until we get Stage 2?


Please, i agree as well…


It’d be pretty cool if they could do it server side, but I imagine there’s a bunch of stuff not written in to the client to allow for that to happen, certainly not from a UI point of view.


No devs care about console/legacy :weary:


This isn’t true at all, though TRS are a relatively small team and so if consoles want Stage 2 as fast as can be, they will need to accept that updates are likely to not come to console until then.


Dont worry about it, just enjoy the outragously op kelder and always losing defend as hunter.
Well get the update…or we wont. Either way, just enjoy what you play.


I would Like that

Probably won’t happen though :frowning: