Hunt Mode: The best mode?


Ok, so I personally ONLY PLAY HUNT MODE online. Does that make me “not a fan” of Evolve? Now I love the Evacuation campaign idea, but when it comes to competitive multiplayer, I would never do objective based gameplay. Being an undefeated Monster player (Who didn’t ever D/C when about to lose) Hunt seems to be where most of the balance is. Granted, Hunt mode has an objective at stage 3, but we all know it comes down to a brawl at the relay…usually anyway. And that’s the stuff I like. I’ll still play Evacuation, but it’ll be against bots, or with friends. When it comes to tournaments (Which I plan to enter eventually) and competitiveness Hunt seems the way to go. Am I just crazy for my odd ideas, or do other people agree that Hunt is the best mode.


I fell in love with this game when it only had hunt, so yeah its my favorite mode for sure. And if im not a fan what have i been doing with my life this last year? ;D


You’re not crazy.

We do consider Hunt to be the most competitive mode of the game, and it’s the core of the game. Evacuation wasn’t designed to be the tournament style competitive mode, but rather an experience that provides variety and a lot of replayability. There are a massive amount of variables in Evacuation that make it harder to fit the role of a very fine tuned, balanced mode for tournaments.

However, is Hunt the ‘best’ mode? That depends on the experience you as a player want. The other modes (Nest, Rescue, Defend) provide very different experiences than Hunt does. Each of those have objectives that force conflict, whereas Hunt doesn’t really. Lots of people like the other modes, so it comes down to different strokes for different folks, which is why we make very different modes!


no that’s pretty normal. If you have played things like League of Legends, everything is based around the main game mode.

In Evolve, all the hunters and monsters are balanced with hunt in mind. And hunt is the most thought out game mode, so naturally it should be the most appealing. The other game modes just help to switch up the game a little.


Thanks to all. Makes me feel much better about only playing Hunt. I actually never even played Evacuation in the beta, I was too focused on competitive Hunt mode. I love Evacuation, but with it being a “campaign” I think of it like my old days of L4D with just me and a split screen buddy and bots. With Hunt (being a Monster player and only one friend with an Xbox One) my only goal is survive and kill, and Hunt makes that possible.


^ This.
I feel like it’s better to say that Hunt is the main mode. Calling some mode the best one is just a question of tastes.


I just have to let you know, I named my cat after you. Oh King of Lions.


I wanted to play a full round of evacuation on XB1, but everyone always kept quitting. One time I was the last person there and it kicked me back to the main menu.


So I just stuck to the PC for the majority of the Beta, playing Hunt.


Honestly, I love Hunt because it’s so open. Ask anyone on these forums and they will be able to recount at least one epic game they had that could be turned into fiction. For me, one of my final beta games was against a really good Monster player- he always lured us into dangerous wildlife, and it was effective. Most of us had at least a strike. SO he’s stage three and we decide to get him before he can armor up. Following a trail of broken trees (and glowing footprints, but… ignore those) we round the corner and get charged by a Crowbill. We jetpack out of the way, turning to attack, but it’s gone. Just ran right past us. Three seconds later? I’ll let you guess what happened. That moment when we realized what happened was legit scary. Like in one of those movies where nobody wants to turn around.

We turned around and booked it to the relay.


I really like hunt. Rescue comes close second.

Also I started to like defend! :blush: