Hunt mode dominates evac!... alternative?


what can i say that hasnt already been said in the title of this post., hunt mode is seriously dominating the other mode, evac. why is that? these are the reasons why I play hunt. solo capability if i want to be the monster, matches are quick (20 min) no auto balance, or map effects that drastically change the game. eaiser to get a entire round of hunt, than it is to keep everyone in a 5 round evac match. By the time evac is over, there is a whole different group of people playing.

The modes that i have been hearing that would prosper in a game like this might be

Hardcore (realistic) mode: a mode where the visual and audiable input excels the need for the standard hud. hints and markers are replaces with visual outlines, audiable hints, and color silhouette relaying health bar feedback (green, yellow, red), tracking status (abe), and hunter positioning. Sniffing would work in the same way just not revealing large names ubove the hunters, but ust simply showing there health color silhouette, to know who is more hurt than others. your own health can,t be seen on your hud, but the tired sounds of your character as they run would indicate that you need healing. your teams health would not read as a bar above their head, when aiming crosshairs on teammate, it will reveal a health bar silhouette of either with the respective color showing the state of health. Jet packs will be more audiable as well, creating a over heating noise when almost empty, cooling down noise would let you know when it is full again. Creating a mode where visual and audiable input excels the standard screen hud would put the hunt at a new tier. it would be perfect for those breathe taking and immersive games in evolve. 

The hunt evolves, are you ready?


I love evac. Many different strategies that you have to incorporate as a monster or Hunter team.


I also like the balance change in the fight. Just another something to overcome. To me it’s more fun to adjust but then again I don’t care what my leaderboard standing is.

As far as having a whole different team around by the end, if I’m the monster that’s not always a bad thing.

If I’m a hunter and it’s a good team that communicates and plays well together then we usually finish together.

The only change I’d like to see for evacuation is more modes and random and mode selection. I like nest and rescue equally but I play with teams that will keep voting for rescue or nest when it’s available. Whereas I want to play both modes equally.

Hardcore more would be cool as well. I don’t know if I’d play it all they much but it sounds great all the same. I find that people rely on their hud too much in games. It would be nice to have to rely only on audio and visual cues.