Hunt Match Ended in a Draw


So I was playing as hunter the other night vs a wraith. We were in an intense fight with a stage 2 wraith and it was getting very close.

I was downed, and the assault was the last hunter left right next to me. The wraith was on the last bar of health, I was shooting with the pistol while downed and the assault was lighting it up too! Right at the point when the wraith was going to die and assault was going to die, “Draw” flashed up super quick and we went to the post match menu. There’s no post match animation for a draw. I also got the cockroach achievement so Im guessing my pistol helped :smiley:

Im guessing this is a situation the devs didnt expect to happen a lot, but it was very anti-climactic because the Draw text was up and gone so quick I almost didn’t know what happened. There should be more time, or a draw scenario with a hunter and monster collapsing or something to help tie it off.

Anyone else had a drawn match? What was your situation?


A rare but known occurrence congrats.


In the beta, Markov vs. Goliath. It was hilarious.


Jumped into mines? So satisfying when that happens!


Cockroach means you killed the monster as a downed hunter… on the SAME FRAME as the last hunter killed the wraith? Amazing!