Hunt games not ending when Relay destroyed


I’ve now experienced two games of Hunt in Evacuation where when I destroy the power relay the game does not end.

I’m playing Evacuation (Solo), on XboxOne (because game connectivity still sucks), as the Monster (obviously), specifically Kraken.

In the first instance I was playing against an AI team of all Tier 2 and 3 hunters. I had killed all Hunters except Bucket, who randomly disappeared. I decided that rather than try to figure out where he blipped to, I’d take advantage of the Dropship timer and destroy the relay. Just as the Hunters respawned and came back after me, I had done the last bit of damage to the relay, which should have ended the game, it didn’t.

Then, in the following round of Hunt (Day 3), I again played as Kraken and again when I incapacitated all but the last Hunter, he disappeared. In this case it was Hank, so I thought maybe he had cloaked. Again, I decided to use the alone time to destroy the relay. Once again, they respawned and came after me as I was finishing the relay, and the game did not end as it should have upon destruction of the relay.

I love this game, but between this, wildlife disappearing after killing them, and the general lack of connectivity in multiplayer, I’m becoming frustrated.

Current list of PC bugs (2/21/2015)

yea i had a game where i destroyed relay killed all the hunters and didnt end ONLY DA BEST


The wildlife are actually falling through the map. It’s weird, but it happens sometimes.