Hunt Beta - There will be no solo benefits, right?


At first I thought that people were overexaggerating about the entire solo benefits thing when they said they keep losing to solo queners but now I’m beginning to understand what they meant. Currently I mainly play Kraken because I’m trying to improve my play with him and I came to the conclusion that I’m having much more trouble facing decent solo queners than good premade teams.

I personally think that Goliath and Kelder are the best monsters currently and therefore it isn’t as noticable when playing those, but that’s a topic for another day.

I suggested to implement a solo benefit system myself before it was known that this was already the case since several patches so I obviously don’t dislike the idea of giving solo queners benefits per se. I however would hate to see this feature also being there in Hunt Beta as this is supposed to be a purist mode.

As Hunter I want to know how well I really do and don’t want my view of it to be falsified by getting hidden benefits. It’s no different when I play monster, I want to know whether I got outplayed or just lost because the solo benefits screwed me over.

So yeah, I’d love to hear a dev on this and also know what the rest of you guys think about this.


no. you really dont :smiley:


I totally agree. Since Hunt Beta will be replacing ranked I feel like it should have as level a playing field as possible. Just skill vs skill


I know it’s hard, but try to resist the urge of posting stuff that in no way contributes to the discussion.


I can see arguments in both directions.

On the one hand, if Hunt Beta is meant to be “pure” then the less outside inteference the better (for purists).

However, the point of the Solo Benefits system is to make up for the differential in performance that comes with not being part of a party. This differential will still exist (though maybe to a lesser extent) in Hunt Beta.

So on balance I believe that Solo Benefits will exist in Hunt Beta as well as Arcade (and Co-op), though there is every possibility that the solo benefits will either be tuned down or turned off if you are of a certain skill level (so as not to give boosts to hunters that may not be part of a party but are people used to playing as a team).

The only place I believe that solo benefits wouldn’t exist is in any tournament mode that wasn’t run through custom games (as competitive matches currently are)


well, i never do that.

anyway, right now i am not sure that i lose because of solo buffs or just plain bugs. Or maybe the speedboost was built in to compensate teams that have a leaver?

After all, those are all close games…


If they do this it will prove that the actual purpose of the system is to make the game easier for bad hunters.


If they do tune it for skill level it merely shows that with higher skill levels comes a more innate ability at teamwork despite not knowing your teammates, nothing to do with “bad” hunters :slight_smile:


if you do not work together, the solo benefit system will in no way help. This is what we are seeing right now. Bad hunters with bad teamwork and bad game understanding lose.
Good hunters with good game understanding win, because they have an unfair advantage.


The stats and telemetry that you inherently disbelieve say otherwise :slight_smile:


i play the game, what are you doing?
i don´t disbelieve the stats, i am saying that they do not show balance. Even if they are 50/50, that is not an indication of a balanced game. it just means 50% are losing as monster and 50% are winning. Not under which circumstances and which people.


The lack of teamwork at lower skill levels is what is known as being bad.


How reliable are they? This statement is valid only when raw data that is being used to analyze is precise and 100% accurate.


Didn’t they say that above a certain skill level those solo queue buffs are turned off?

@Insane_521, can you clarify this?


no, they did never say this.


iam no pro but i know what to do playing has hunters even more so as trapper assault i have a mic i use sometimes an when i solo Q most of the time not all i get a team that like me know how to do there class’s job an in those matches its a cake walk the system helps new players who are new to the game playing against vet monsters the system can shit on new monsters learning how to monster or vet monsters who get groups of solid players solo Qing just a note id like to try if your account is max lvl an your hunter you picked is max lvl you should get 0 buffs as a lvl 0 account an lvl 0 hunter picked you get the full 100% benefit of the system


I’m going to be honest here, the solo benefits system is a bad idea and has absolutely no place in a game like this. Back before I found a team I consistently played with I found that it was possible to more-or-less carry a team of randoms by jumping on the mic and giving them advice as we played.

Giving solo hunters buffs teaches them absolutely nothing about playing the game, or the character they’ve picked.


It is so funny they whinning solo buff after 2.06 patch. Only little adjustment did on 2.06, but solo buff was started at 2.01. IF YOU WHINNIG GUYS ARE CORRECT, MUST HAVE SENSED DIFFERENCE AT 2.01. It is just placebo effect.


Noone is saying that it´s suddenly impossible to win. We are saying that it is a bad system.

Quite the contrary, i still win most of my games, except 1/10 where there is a good enemy team that knows what they are doing. it´s just a more decisive loss now, while nothing changed against bad players.