Hunt beta, step in the right direction but


…my 2 more casual friends I team up with left after it was taking to long to match with a monster. They left and went and played something else :confused:

So I stuck on for a while but got matched with 2 hunters who had 0 hours on the clock and the third had about 5 hours. The monster had 100 hours.

If its skill based perhaps I really am that rubbish! But like to think am at least average with 90 hours played and a wlr of about 1.04

Now I dont have the stats so I cant really make too many recommendations but my biggest fear is that Arcade is diluting the player base and proving to be quite popular which will marginalise Hunt going forwards. Kinda hoping that isnt the case and that Arcade can be tucked away elsewhere to leave Hunt front and centre.

Maybe if Arcade was the only option for the first 10 hours or so, train folk up a bit and the new players could learn the game together? I dunno, Im just chucking things out.

If Hunt could also allow people to queue as both hunter and monster if desired and therefore fill the lobby with 5 knowing that at least one person has a pref for monster (other people could leave 5th preference blank if allowed and be locked out of choosing monster that way).

I dont know, I really dont but it saddened me my 2 friends didnt stick around simply because of wait times and they do really enjoy the game.



I believe the skilled matchmaking is starting everyone from scratch and so a lot of people are paired up with new players even if they have more hours in the game; it’s something where the more matches you play then the system will move you where you need to be.

As for the wait times, I’m not sure if that’s a matchmaking issue or if just no one in your region seems to be playing Hunt Beta :confused:


I think the waiting times to find a game are in part due to Hunt Beta still having the bad taste that Ranked did. Over time, more people should finter into it from Arcade, but right now the unpopular reputation that hackers in Ranked caused has yet to ware off. Give a few days and I think it will have balanced out.