Hunt and Wildlife changes, and why I hate Carrion Birds


To start with, I hate Carrion Birds and love the hunting.

They add an RNG construct to the Hunt that, in my opinion, is more frustrating to the Monster than it is fun for the Hunters.

It serves a game-play purpose that may or may not be positive of giving Hunters clues that help when the trail goes cold.

I feel that this cheapens and dumbs down the information gathering and guesswork that comprises the hunt for both sides of the conflict.

Thus, I suggest changes to rework Carrion Birds with mechanics that will still aid Hunters with a cold trail, but will do so in a way that presents strategy-promoting options rather than a lucky gamble.

On the Monster side of things I would also like to promote more decision-making in fleeing and feeding with changes to wildlife.

Proposed Changes

  1. Carrion Bird rework.
  • Carrion Birds will only appear after precisely one minute of creature death.

  • Carrion Birds will always appear on uneaten dead wildlife after a minute, with the current chance for those that were consumed.

  • Carrion Birds appearing on uneaten wildlife will begin to eat it, gradually lowering its meat bars until they are depleted.

  1. Wildlife AI changes
  • Trapjaws, Blitzleopards, and Dune Beetles will now move gradually travel towards uneaten corpses to eat them, moving all over the map as needed. The closest roaming predator pack will move to each kill.

  • Reactive large wildlife - Nomads, Crowbills, and Armadons - will chase Hunters less, but fight roaming predators that come near them. To the death, for both sides.

  1. Nourishment changes.

    • Number of Glaciapods on each map greatly increased. Friend to Monsters, quickly killed target for Hunters.
  • Wildlife will no longer respawn.

  • Large Wildlife meat count greatly increased. Crowbill Sloths grant 10 meat and Tyrants 8, for example.

  • Feeding time increased by 50%. Faster feeding perk removed due to this meat change.

    • Armor and Evolution bar gain per meat bar adjusted for balance. Most likely I think armor and evolution per nourishment would need to go down with these changes given the meat in large wildlife, but it would need testing and could go the other way.
  1. Sneak Changes.
  • Using Traversal abilities or clmbing while sneaking will now leave tracks.

  • 5 second delay added after using a traversal ability before the Monster can sneak again.

  • Sneak speed reduced by 25%.

With these changes, killing wildlife to force a decay will be a more viable strategy for the Hunters: though it will take time that will aid the Monster in escaping.

Carrion Birds no longer provide on-time information on the Monster’s location, but they can still somewhat clue in Hunters on their movements.

Additionally, Carrion Birds can alert the Monster on the Hunter’s strategy: if they are denying wildlife, the Monster will know it has more time to hunt on its side of the map.

Taking down big game as the Monster is now more rewarding, offering a better meat to time ratio at the cost of potentially giving Hunters the time they need to catch up.

Hunters and Monsters both will need to keep their eyes out for Glaciapods, to kill them or to get easy meals.

Finally, wildlife will more dynamically move and react to what happens on the map with roaming predators and the reactive creatures that will attack them.

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Eh, you’re going to have to put more thought to that. What this means is that Carrion birds become useless because as the hunters you will be killing those monkeys, venomhounds and Elite Wildlife, Daisy becomes really OP, and you’re disencouraging early aggression as the monster, because regaining armor will be really inconvienent.


Daisy has a niche, yes, but Abe and Griffin still have the late-game and can, perhaps, choose the decay tactic when lost.

Monsters generally shouldn’t feel encouraged to engage pre-Stage 2, but think of the time they have to feed uninterrupted if the Hunters decide to start killing everything.


I like the idea, but to be honest I think that new hunters with unrefined tracking skills would have a lot of trouble with these changes. For a start, some hunters rely almost exclusively on locating the monster using birds there only other strategy being following footsteps. I remember when I started playing and domed the monster a total of like 4 times outside of power relay fights that was in the alpha and I’ve got much MUCH better than then. (the reason I love this game)! Asides from that some of your ideas seem like something that could be cool to have in the game like carrion birds eating meat and predatory wildlife hunting except for the feeding speed and large wildlife change. Imagine this you get rid of a goliath’s armour in the dome and it the runs away, kills a crowbill sloth with a couple of high level abilities, gobbling it down in like 5 seconds and coming back for another go with full armour, I dunno but that seems pretty unfair to the hunters to me.


Their late and mid game strength justifies an early game weakness, in my opinion.

Though I may make them stronger in those phases with Sound Spikes detecting regardless of what the Monster does and, maybe, Abe’s Tracking Darts lasting longer.

I also love the Hunt and dome part of the game.

I’d think that the act of fighting a Crowbill would give the Hunters time to catch up - making it a trade-off.

Also, I would make feeding take longer alongside it.


Cool sounds much better!


Some really nice ideas there. It would add a lot more depth to the tracking part of the game. Though it would probably make it more if not too complicated to the casual players, and sadly thats what gameplay is often build around.

However, the carrion bird issue is something that should be adressed short term. There are rounds when I’m playing monster where I quickly have to stop caring whatsoever about trying to juke and sneak, since 7 out of 10 wildlife I feed on spawn carrion birds. Making the game a 20 minute chicken run trying to evolve at least to lvl 2 with no way to outsmart the hunters while I’m being constantly outsmarted by rng carrion birds with their over the top spawning rate.

Get rid of carrion birds
Please Nerf carrion birds

Since Maggie is the first trapper, I think Daisy would help ease new players into the game without the current birds.

Hopefully by the time they unlock others, they would know enough to manage.

Tips would also be essential.

That is a lot of what annoys me about the system - it takes the thinking out of the game for the Monster.

Makes everything a run to stage up.