[Hunt 2.0] You made me quit hunters

The first 10 games in hunt 2.0 were good. Won 7 lost 3. Even though there were complete beginners in my team it was still fun. Now I’m quitting hunters till this matchmaking and ranking system is fixed. I can bear loosing repeatedly because I get matched up with people in their first Evolve match ever. I can bear loosing because the opponent monster is way too good. I can even bear loosing hundreds of ranking points and a winrate falling from 70% to below 35%. But what I cannot bear is gaining 8 points after a game where the monster would have wiped us if he didnt make this 1 mistake that we could capitalize on and win. You know why? Because I lost a ton of games before with completly new people against very experienced monsters and lost mostly between 9 and 24 points. And now, after defeating an opponent who was actually better but did 1 fatal mistake I get rewarded with 8 points? How the fuck am I supposed to get a better rank and better teammates when I get less points from defeating a monster than from loosing due to new people? Just how?
I am not playing Hunter again until this is fixed. 1 more loss and I would be in Bronze and that is not going to happen as long as it is not my fault at all.


Just give mm more time


Agreed, as Deanimate said, just give the system more time to settle in, assign ranks to everyone and regularize point loss/gain and for TRS to iron out the kinks.


To place you in Toilet Paper Seal League?

I’ve got the same experience. My ranking is going back and forth(with slow decreasing tendency). Im getting teammates who dont listen/respond/speak, dont use abilities and die to wildlife. And even if you do best - you cant win the match alone. I dont see light in the end of the tunnel.

And what is more dramatic - Im penalized for game unstable state. My rank goes down, I’ve got losses for crashes and ridiculuos 800 sec penalties.


I have exactly the same. And many other people. Total noobs, trolls, new players as hunter teammates all the time and veteran monsters two ranks higher. And when you finally beat monster (undeterminted rank) it gaves you +1 score (sigh).

You can have all team with bronze and queued against gold rank monster. So what is the point in that?

I can dome monster - assault dont dmg at all. I can be assault - trapper dont dome at all. That’s how it goes, all the time. There will be always noobs, trolls etc. They will drop to bronze skilled. But how am I suppoused not to drop there too and advance without premade friend team?

As monster, of course, when I wipe half of the team as stage 1. Cause the rest of them are already dead killed by megamouth or tyrant.

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Perhaps this is a worthwhile incentive for good players who tend to play with random pubs to reach out in the community and start getting together in premades more often.

Hence why you need to give MM more time so it will pair you up with similarly skilled players.

I haven’t been dc’d yet but I’m sure it will happen. They’re always improving the games stability and might even bring in the option to reconnect like someone suggested in that thread.

yesterday I played a team beat them and got 1 point. next game played what was obviously a pr-made team none of whom had a ranking yet, lost to them and lost 47 points. seemed fair 0.o


They always improving something, take a look at playerbase chart. My game almost never crashed before that patch. Now it’s 4-5 times less than 12 hours. And I cant even play coz Im on crash penalty timer.

And MM is trying to drown me, I said I dont understand how I could climb up. And there is no campaign(I hope only yet) to drive new players. And new MM wont save the game if there is such low playerbase.

Easy to said when you’re one of the best monster player and as monster don’t need teammates :slight_smile: I would really wanted to start game with bots rather than those “cant stay alive for 1 min”.


“I can dome monster - assault dont dmg at all. I can be assault - trapper dont dome at all. That’s how it goes, all the time. There will be always noobs, trolls etc. They will drop to bronze skilled. But how am I suppoused not to drop there too and advance without premade friend team?”


I don’t claim to be a pro at Evolve, but I am a solid player that knows how the game is played and can hold my own. I played my first few hunter placement matches yesterday and every single game I was placed in I was stuck with teammates that didn’t communicate and didn’t seem to have a clue how to play, and we were always matched against a competent monster.

Now, I don’t mind losing when I’m out played but the whole point of Hunt 2.0 is to be matched with players who are of similar skill. Yet if I keep losing because I’m getting matched with bad teammates then I know I am going to end up towards the bottom of the rankings. Typically, in any other game, being ranked below my own skill level wouldn’t bother me because I know I would work my way back up where I belong. But in Evolve being placed towards the bottom of the rankings means you will continue to end up with trash teammates, which means you will continue to lose matches that you would have won if your teammates were near your skill level. Being placed in the lower rankings will be like being stuck in a very deep hole that is extremely difficult to climb out of because your individual skill will not be able to shine through the low skill of the teammates you will be stuck with.

I know a solution is to come to the forums and look for a group to play with. But I usually only get to play 2 or 3 matches of Evolve at a time due to having a busy work and home life. If I tried to solicit for a group to play with everytime I had some time to play Evolve, then most of the time my window of opportunity to play at all will have passed by the time I find a group.

TRS needs to find a way to evaluate you on your individual skill when playing as a hunter in Hunt 2.0


I evolved in 2 and half min eating steamadons, nobody inerupted me, I went to relay, there was only trapper there. I killed him with ease, then came wounded Hank, I killed him. Then I noticed idling Slim and killed him and win. I have no idea what happened to assault. And I got +26 score. Insane!

Being placed in a lower skill bracket than you should be in, pain. I’m a Bronze Destroyer as I lost almost every match because of low skill teammates, given 7/10 of my pacement matches were against Kraken with a bad team.

But I’m being forced into monster because I’m getting people who don’t know how to play, and veteran monsters to accompany them. At this rate I’m not sure I’ll even make it out of Bronze. I’ve been demoted like 10 times to elite. :trapper:

TRS does need to find a way to evaluate individual skill on a different level than “How many games of 10 did you win?”


Hell I won a match as a monster and my rank dropped… I’m done with hunt, it obviously doesn’t work

I crashed some team with troll and got +111 score! Next I barely defeated quite well coordinated team and get +1 from well played tough match. I have no idea how it goes.

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Ahhhh, I see now. We are hunting trolls in Hunt 2.0 now!

For good monsters you got 1 points because they are at the edge extinction. Thats why prize is so low, to make people dont want to play that matches. Seems logical, right?

LOL every patch ‘just give it more time it wont be rubbish soon’ 4Head


I think there’s just not enough bad monster players right now. A lot of players have either come back to the game or just started playing it. And I could be wrong in this, but I assume that the players who are still learning the game are deliberately choosing the play as hunter because it’s “easier” in their mind.

In due time, we’ll have poorly skilled players get bored of playing as hunter and decide to start playing as monster. That’s when things will start evening out.


The patch as a whole does need more time to see how it pans out but in regards to MM it does without question need more time due to how it works. Plenty of people are still doing placement matches and even when placed it’s not going to get it absolutely spot on. There’s a lot going on. Give it more time…

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Man, I’m so used to rushing through that end “continue, continue” that I don’t know what I get in points. But I’m teamed up with a lot of bronze against silver experts, so them points ain’t looking good i’m sure.