Hunt 2.0 Suggestion Thread [POLLS]

So now we’ve all had some time playing Hunt 2.0 I have seen a lot of Suggestions being thrown out there for what we’d like to see included/changed. I wanted to make this thread so TRS can see what we the community think in one easy place.

Character Select Order

It has been suggested that to add a bit more of the competitve flavor to Hunt 2.0 there could be a pick system similar to how tournaments are run in the game itself. It also allows for picking for/against opponent picks.

  • Keep the Blind Pick
  • Go with Tournament Rules*

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*Current ESL/Battlefy Pick order states that Medic and Trapper pick first, followed by Monster, then Assault and Trapper.

Wildlife Buffs

Since ideally, ranked should be based on skill rather than who ran into the RNG first some have proposed to remove Buffs from Ranked.

  • Keep Wildlife Buffs in 2.0
  • Remove Wildlife Buffs from 2.0

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Rank Reveal

A complaint I have seen is people Rank Dodging. When people see they are going against a stronger team they quit, making the process start all over again. Should they keep it the same, or wait to reveal opponent’s ranks?

  • Keep current system
  • Reveal Ranks only at character select screen

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@Macman has already said this is something he’d like to see as well. What do you guys think?

  • Keep current system
  • Add a Rematch feature at the end of matches

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Evolve Gamechanger

Remember Evolve Gamechanger? It used to show replays after matches and you could even save them on the Hunter’s Quest app for later viewing. It still works for Skirmish, but I feel competitive players would like to see this work on 2.0 as well!

  • Add it to 2.0
  • I never used it anyway (you should though)

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If you have any popular suggestions I missed I’ll add them in Poll form! Feel free to discuss the benefits/risks of any of these ideas, but don’t be shitty to each other!


I disagree with hiding rank.
it have happened way to many times where we have gotten a Bronze Skilled, non-elite Lazarus as our medic so us who are playing in 2-3 men groups. It could be hidden for the monster though.

all of these votes have one landslided choice. its pretty obvious

Rank reveal should stay the same. I dont want to go against hunters that are lower than my league/division/color

The rank reveal is a terrible idea, I’m a solo hunter player and I already have a hard enough time telling if I’ve been matched with morons with the ranks visible.

And forcing the character selection order? Please, hunters have enough of an advantage already.
How about they fix some of the egregious balance problems first?

Personally I have no vested interest in the choices.

My feeling with Rank Reveal is people are going to Rank Dodge either way. This was just one of the selections I read.

I wish I had time to “Hunt” down (pun intended) the threads where each of these are recommended.

More polls:
Dome time
Monster strength

How does using the esl character selection order favor hunters? The reason it’s used for esl is that it’s the most fair and balanced way to select characters.

My god just remove the wildlife buffs.

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Assault and Trapper are picked lasted. This means the Hunters get the advantage of being able to counter the monster.
If Support and Medic are up first all that’s going to do at high levels is let the monster know whether he’s going to be getting fucked by Hank and Slim or Hank and Caira. At the moment there are no counter picks for the monster. They lock in Hank and Caira? Kraken is your best bet.
They lock in Bucket Laz? Kraken is your best bet. They lock in Sunny Slim? Kraken is your best bet.
For the hunters, however, there are 5 different Assaults which all counter certain monsters in specific ways.

Wraith? Hyde.
Kraken? Markov.
Goliath? Literally any Assault, they all wreck Goliath at the moment.
Behemoth? Same as as above.

The whole purpose of having a turn based picking system is to allow both teams to counter each other, and this would normally work well in a team based game as both teams would have multiple players. In Evolve this is not the case. The Monster is put at a disadvantage, especially considering the current state of the game’s balance.

Tl:dr, Monsters can’t counter pick.

Another Poll courtesy of @10shredder00

Dome Time

With the new changes to the Dome (1 second Deploy time) some Monsters have noticed that they are getting domed much faster and much more often, perhaps tilting the balance toward the Hunters. Should they keep it, Increase Deployment Time or make Reload Speed no longer effect the Dome Recharge?

  • Keep it the same
  • Make Reload Speed no longer apply
  • Increase Dome Deployment Time to 3 seconds

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However it is worth noting that in Tournaments this is the method they are using as it is deemed most fair.

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I think they’ve said they’re adjusting dome time (thank god) insta-domes are OP.

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The fact that they’re even having tournaments for this game when the balance is completely and utterly fucked is a joke.

In your Opinion how is that so?

You may also like that they are adjusting Monster Strength at Stage 3. From what is said they will make it more powerful!

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Thank god! I hate the equal damage amoung melee and abilities as you stage up. Actually, abilities I like, not melee. Abilities let me spread an even 1,1,1 build and not get stomped :smile:

I don’t like how weak S3 is and how strong S1 is :confused:

I thought it was the melee still gets stronger as you level up.

Nope. Melee is the same every stage. Abilities only increase a few points of damage so there’s no sense in not having 4 abilities by S2.

Can’t use quotes on my phone but the change says:

Unified Melee Damage Pass
All monsters get previous Stage 2 melee damage values for all Stages.