Hunt 2.0 Rewarding + Story that Sparked the Thought

So I was just looking for hunters and I happened to run into some friends of mine, we re wall ranked silver experts and I started fighting them, they were on me the entire round because they had a Val + Sunny comp, I finally did a risky evolve to stage 2 and got major punishment for it and lost more then half of my health.

I kept running before eventually I was domed again, I had armor this time and got a single strike, on daisy.Finally I escaped them after catapulting the trapper away from me with a perfect rock throw and evolved to stage 3, the trapper missed a dome on me and I armored up,.

At this point I had a sneak attack wildlife buff and had a stamina boost from the perk select (they knew I would be Goliath and I knew they would have Val), after this point I was fighting them after they had setup a good area with markov mines and Maggie traps, I lost a good deal of health between the fights until I had the entire team with 2 strikes on them, I proceeded to win after a Maggie made a miscalculation while trying to juke me

And After that I got 3 points. For all that effort, and that’s when I question, do we know how the calculate how many points we get

I don’t think gameplay is considered. In other words, I don’t think your remaining health or armour etc matter. However, I know that it depends on who you are against.


There was a post made by Miel which explicitly stated that in-game performance is not factored at all.

All info can be found here friend:

The game takes into account the average of the Hunter’s ranks, the Monster’s rank, your history (how you’ve been doing W/L wise), and makes a prediction on the outcome of the match.

It will then distribute points or revoke them accordingly.


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