Hunt 2.0 Rank Resets


I think every month or so, the hunt 2.0 ranks should be reset. It’s a cool way to allow people to get into a certain division, they may not of been otherwise been able to achieve.

Because when 2.0 first came out, the gold rank monsters/hunters whom no longer play the game, still sit high up in their perches. I’ve seen many hunters whom deserve gold rank, but can’t get out of silver, because of the initial deficit they were placed in.

What are your thoughts on this? I think this makes it more balanced and competitive. Since it flushes out the old players, and brings in a new batch. And if you are still an old player, you then will have to prove yourself once again.


Hunt - Season 1 skin reward for ranked players (Gold, Silver, Bronze) :smiley:

And lets begin a season 2 !


Not sure if it should be a once per month thing, but I love the idea of the occasional reset and possible reward tied to it. However the reward doesn’t have to be a necessity. The fact that match making will be less broken should be a reward in and of itself :laughing:


I think it would be a great idea to have Seasons.

3-4 months per Season
Special Skin Pack for the Highest Division you’re placed in (Placement after 50 matches)
Hunter Skins for Hunter Bracket, Monster Skins for Monster Bracket
Leaderboard Reset at the end of each Season

It would give players a good reason to play Ranked again, and would hopefully bring back some players.


Pretty cool idea, I’ve seen it floating around before.


  • Rewards Players

  • Could boost players in Ranked

  • Reliable Division stats


  • Could increase toxicity

  • If you miss a skin people will complain


I’m sure there is another thread about this @Jedi_Warrior @Bot


Most of the other threads are either closed or haven’t exactly gone down the right path. I think we can use this one as the main hunt 2.0 reset thread. :slight_smile:


Like I said before. Once they release the patch, I’m all for this idea. If for no other reason than it would clean up the leaderboards. De-rank some of those false gold destroyers that got placed there after their DTR matches.

It would also show where people stand in the new meta. People that adapt and are still good Monster/Hunter? They’ll still be highly ranked. People that were only good because they abuse certain Monster mechanics/Hunter comps? They’ll be placed lower.


Rank Reset Cons :

  • can be abused

  • can make players Gold + …while they don’t deserve that spot

  • you can’t climb up the ladder as Hunter (silver Expert+) unless you play in premades

  • the more you play … the more identifiable you ranked is

  • if you are at ( ) rank . after the reset you will be more likely to reach that ( ) ranked eventually

The question is not about the division you started with … it’s about the division you will ended up with

If The game only allow reset ranked once for every player … I am All for it

It’s not professional to have unlimited No. Of resets . It sounded Cliche


More than a rank reset i think they should make “ranked seasons” as lol does, obviously with shorter times maybe 1 month?


Every month is rather fast, but I like this idea.


Not more as now

Like now without seasons! And at the moment there are a lot of people who dont deserve Gold as well with their 10 matches. A clean up every 3 month would make the ranked matchmaking more meaningful.

Yes even now and even with seasons, so no disadvantage.

No! I know a high skilled Trapper, he sticks in Bronze cause his mates are Bronze but he is very good and knows what to do :wink:

Yes maybe but new rank, new hope, new fun, new motivation.

Seasons are an excellent way to get rid off current issues and it would push the lifespan of the game forward for almost no cost.

Look at Diablo every Seasons this game gets a boost just of the reset. This would be great for Evolve.


Also i think seasons with rewards like skins could increase, maybe even slightly, the playerbase and motivating people to play rankeds more often and get to higher ranks


The only problem with reseting ranks I see is that it takes quite some time to re-structure all active players to their respective rank.

With all the negative stuff the actual ranksystem has (weird point allocations/bugs, determining rank gold digger hunters who stop after 10 matches, getting 2 points after winning against higher ranked opponents …) it does one job right: the matchmaking puts similar-skilled players against each other most of the times. For me, this is the most important thing and is (the only?) one major pro-argument for the current system.

With that being said, I don´t know how long it takes after clearing everything to allocate everyone back to their right place - and I don´t want to have people frustrated by getting match-maked against the wrong opponents for too long. This could result in a reduction of the already small playerbase. We would get some people satisfied because the rankings would be cleared up again, but it could frustrate even more than before by not finding similar-skilled opponents so they quit before the system could get enough information to finally get them into the right place.

This is the only worry I have. I could be wrong about that as I don´t know how quick a ranking system can adapt. But I could be also right about it :wink: any thoughts about that?


No it doesnt most players are sticking from bronze destroyer up to Silver destroyer. There is a lot of space between the devisions which are just unused. This results in playing against Silver Expert which may belong in Silver Master. In Short the system in not granular enough and doesnt make use of all the divisions what it offers.

Yes cause of Glicko and the shitty RD-Variable. It takes ages until the RD-Value is stable. Where is the good old Elo System. In my eyes the RD-Var. is a bad choice cause if you have a very stable RD you can lose against Bronze Monsters as Gold and you will lose only 5 -15 points. And if you are winning as Bronze against Gold, you will just earn only 5 - 15 points (High RD-Var.).

If you have a low RD-Var. you will get/lose over 500 points.

I have no idea why it takes so long for Evolve to have a stable RD-Var.

If you make sure that you will win a lot of rounds in the beginning, where your RD-Var. is wonky it will place you in a high rank. With luck you can stick there just cause of a stable RD-Var.

Elo is way easier and forgets all what you have done right or false in the past, it just meassures your current performance for that game and will not punish you or reward you for what you have done in the past.

A nice quote from stack:

It is not proven that Glicko is more accurate. Glicko just solves the problem a different way, with a different emphasis. Consider that all these systems abstract a human mind to a 4 digit number.

The ELO system is very easy to understand; transparency is important. More complex systems have immediate disadvantages.

A lot of cheese tournaments/players refuse glicko cause:

The top 100 lists would be different then.

Judging by wiki you need ten matches to have a stable RD-Var. I dont no why Evolve needs 15 times more matches (150).

Just a Glicko/Evolve issue. After ten matches your RD should be way more stable as it is at the moment. Thats the reason why you got the wrong opponents for so long time is just related to the wrong calculated RD-Var and the wrong placement at all.


Seasons would benefit this game greatly.

To the concerns being posted by @Call_my_Mummy, I believe that many players are already not matched against or with appropriate players. Now that could be, in part, related to the player base, but let’s not get into that.

Currently, as a hunter, I am unable to progress past my current rank of Sliver Skilled because I almost always have to play with hunters of a lower skill level than me due to the game’s inability to rank me with similarly skilled players because of the high Bronze population on Xbox.

Now I’m not infallible, but most of the time, I will lose because these lesser skilled players make game ending mistakes.

I’ve been at my current rank for so long that the game must believe it placed me within the appropriate rank, so winning now yields me very few points(1-2), and losing causes me to lose a lot more on average(4-7) even though I almost always play against similarly ranked monsters, with mostly Bronze teammates.

I was curious if my ranking was accurate, so I made a new account, and after my first ten games, I was placed into Silver Skilled again; however, winning rewarded me with considerably more points as the game wasn’t “sure” of my ranking yet. Almost immediately I made it into Silver Expert and was very close to getting Silver Master before I decided to stop playing on that account.

So, I came to the conclusion that all the games that I played while I was learning to play the game, and playing with considerably lower skilled players, count against my main account, and limits it’s upward mobility into higher ranks.

Resetting the ranks would give everyone a fresh slate so that their inexperienced games, or anomalies, would no longer hinder their progression.

If you get placed into a similar rank again, and stay there after a period of time, then that probably is where you should be, but my personal experience leads me to believe many people could be ranked higher than they currently are, leading to a better diversity of ranks within the player base.

If we would be able to get more diverse, and accurate, rankings, then the matchmaking itself would be more fun/rewarding as you should be more likely to play with people of a similar skill level.

Currently on Xbox One, the greater majority of the active player base seems to be somewhere between Bronze Elite(skill level 4) to Silver Skilled(skill level 6), even though there are 15 different possible skill levels determined by the game, from Bronze Skilled(1) to Gold Destroyer(15).

At what point do these ranks become unattainable to anyone playing for any significant period of time?

Eventually you’ll play enough games that the ranking system believes you’re placed accordingly, and the ability to gain a good number of points is lost, or eventually you’ll be ranked higher than most of the active player base, so winning will yield low points while you can still lose a lot for losing.

That also leads to the question: why does the ranking system go so high if it’s unrealistic that players will ever attain these higher skill ranks?

In my opinion the ranking system is too broad with 5 different skill levels within each rank(3 would be better imo) but as that relates to the system itself, I’ll digress.

However, something needs to happen to allow for more diverse rankings across the player base so that people are more likely to play with similarly skilled players, and I believe adding seasons would do wonders in that endeavor.