Hunt 2.0 queue dodging

Can we do something to where people can’t see your emblem or your name until you’re in character select to prevent player dodging because I just had it happen 3 times in a row and I’m getting really frustrated

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Added player to the title to make it not seem like jetpack dodging.

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What if somebody doesn’t wan’t to play the same premade team of gold hunters over and over again? I hate having to only play the same team over and over again, it’s not fun, especially when you know they’re going to win. If matchmaking was better then maybe this could work, but the way it is right now it would just be an annoying addition imo.


I don’t know I’m just getting really annoyed by it and thx los i appreciate that

“queue” dodging might be less confusing, I still thought he was talking about jetpacks when coming into the thread, despite the new title.

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Like I fin found a team I recognized a couple of them and I slaug them in 3:35 because the teams that were closer to my skill level were dodging

I was already fooled by the title aha :sweat_smile:

Changed it

ive requested this before… it also messes up que as well makes it glitch out or something … we reset the que after some one backsout only to be matched with same person again… its quite annoying when you need to do this for like 20 mins before algorithm switches our pairing…

then do it like the others: change your steamname and your badge. problem solved.

If youre tired of losing to the same people over and over again around your ranking.

You should not be placed where your ranking is.

Queue dodging sucks. Its ranked match making. Avoiding people you know youre going to lose to, because you want to preserve your rank, defeats the purpose of match making. Theres this nice little “skirmish” button you can click if youre worried about that.

Apologies: Im a bit annoyed with it as well. A few nights ago with my buddies we spent about 40ish minutes in queue, literally, because the small handfull of monsters that were on that were within our ranks range- were all dodging us. Wed see one get matched, theyd recognize it, leave, reconnect, leave, reconnect, leave, reconnect- over and over for a couple of minutes. Then wed wait. and wait. and wait- Get another monster, who would do the same thing, leave/connect/leave/connect, etc. And we were stuck cycling through these monsters for a large portion of the night (Being dodged by one until the next one had finished their game, just swapping through them). I know they were accepting matches with other hunters, because some of the hunters they were facing were buddies of mine- And we were having a small laugh about it over steam chat because of what was going on.

Very frustrating. As both a hunter and a monster, this sucks.


I must say that I like this idea

If they win, they are better then you and your rank should go down, not wanting to play against them is a form of passive rank boosting.

It would be like being in a 16 team competition, and asking if you could skip one of the good teams because you didn’t want to lose to them, only in your case you want to retain your rank level.

ah ok, at first I was going to disagree but if it’s people at your level of play that are dodging you then shame on them, that’s the entire purpose of the matchmaking. I don’t mind if people in a lower division than me “dodge” playing against me as they probably feel that I would wreck them, though nothing could be further from the truth as I still suck at this game

Um, no it’s not if I’m only losing one point because they’re all in gold and I’m in silver and the matchmaking isn’t good enough to find me players my skill level, also it’s not rank boosting because I really don’t care about my rank, I could have short matchmaking times if I let myself fall into bronze (that would be amazing), I also don’t care as much about my rank as I do about having fun, playing the same team over and over again that is supposed to beat me every time is not fun, at all.

No, I don’t, I want to have fun, playing the same team repeatedly when I know I’ll lose is not fun.

I’m fine losing to a team once or twice, but when I get put up against them five times in a row even after a 15-20 minute wait? That’s where it starts to get ridiculous and not fun for me at all.

I won’t lie I have done this just this weekend. I was playing with 2 new players no mics, and it wanted me to fight a high silver with them. No thanks with those two guys we hardly beat a new guy playing Wraith. I just didn’t want that big of a beating.

What region are you playing in where you can only play one team over and over again?

I disagree entirely. If someone doesn’t want to fight you or your team, they should NEVER be forced to or penalized for it. That’s the bottom line.


In ranked i disagree unless the team is cheating.
Ranked is all about putting you against players who are just beneath, equal to you or just above you. That is the best case scenario. Sometimes you meet a team who just annihilate you, and that sucks. But if you are the rank you are, you will stay there.

Avoiding teams that afford you an easy win or a complete loss IS a form of passive ranked boosting, because you should have lost/won that match anyway. And everyone should have had their points exchanged.

Not necessarily. Sometimes I’ll back out to avoid fighting a monster that SUCKS to fight against, even if I know I’ll win easily. For example a Decoy spammer or a fleetillthree-er.