Hunt 2.0 points question


In Hunt 2.0, why do you only get five or six points for a victory, but when you’re defeated, you lose like twenty points? You should gain the same amount of points that you would lose. Example: if I were to lose a game and lose 22 points, I should gain 22 points when I win a game.


In short, because of statistical predictions.



but why if I lose to a team with a gold player why do I lose 30 points but if I win to a team who is higher rank then me why do I barley gain 10 at most ive played so many 2.0 matches and this is always the case


It’s simple: they are afraid of losing players, so they give you so little and take away so much because they want you to keep playing for as long as possible.


true story: or you know I could lose to a team of a gold player rage so bad I eject the disc and throw across the room because I have no way of escaping no way of eating I was goliath they had griffin and tranqs and hanks and just lose 35 points. so I gave up and went to go play gw 2 till the next day


Please don’t throw around false accusations, that’s not how the glicko system works.


Because you shouldn’t have been matched with someone who has a higher rank so it drops you down to avoid that.

If you’re close to your ideal rank you’re not going to get a lot of points. Remember, it’s not a ladder for status. It’s designed to match you with players of similar skill.


Why do i get matched with people who don’t have a rank yet and i’m bronze elite?
Even though i play really well i still lose all the time because i keep playing with new players who just bought the game (probably) and don’t know how to play like, at all. Today i’ve played with a laz that didn’t know how to use the glove, losing points because of noobs is annoying as hell.
Shouldn’t i be matched with level 3\4\5 bronze players considering i’m lvl 4 bronze?


Determining rank players have to play with someone. I’m not an expert, mind you but I would guess they start at bronze level and then move up or plateau accordingly.


They should simply be playing with other determining rank players instead of ruining bronze players’ experience.


“Determining rank” players still have a matchmaking score, it’s just that the margin of error for accuracy of the score is too big for the score to be worth showing. If someone is at bronze 5 and has played 100 games, the system can be pretty sure that bronze 5 is an accurate ranking, but there might be a tiny bit of wiggle room to match them with bronze 4 or silver 1 . If someone’s at bronze 5 (behind the scenes) and has only played 7 games, then the matchmaker has a really low confidence in that score, and they could match with anyone from bronze 2 to silver 3. (Completely made up example btw, the actual numbers probably aren’t close to that.)

If a brand new player is on their 8th or 9th round and has already beaten bronze and silver teams/monsters, why shouldn’t they get placed with other bronze or silver players? The system has to determine how they stack up, so they have to play with people already in the system. If new players only ever play with other new players, basically all that will happen is that they’d play 10 rounds with a bunch of other new players, and then get shoved into “real” matchmaking with a rank that has little to no bearing on reality and end up “ruining players’ experience” in the exact same way.