Hunt 2.0 on point


Anyone else finding games like crazy? I’m on xbone as monster and have been getting matched in seconds.

I usually find matches in about 1-2 minutes, 3-4 on a bad day. But I’m finding them in seconds.



It’s super hit or miss for me sometimes unfortunately.


Supposedly there’s been a small surge in the player base recently, attributed to new DLC in the form of the free hunter variations and, of course, the new Medic known as Emet. There’s probably just more people for you to match against. :wink:


Either way it sounds good, quicker matches, and the player base is growing? Win win.


Yeah I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting Hunt matches faster (on my X1) too. Started around December/January. And it’s not just Christmas noobs since around half of my games are against pretty good hunters.


Probably depends on rank? On PS4, it still takes me a long time to find a game. Hunter-side I find games more easily.


Yep matchmaking is on point and better than ever, too bad games are not stable enough to keep you from disconnecting from host or being dashboard ed on xbone


Not for me. My usual evolve session consists of 15-20min matchmaking wait times. Then the first hunter team it matches me with backs out before the match starts. The next team is usually found in 5 mins, who then quickly backs out also, that silver skilled rank really puts the fear in the bronze hunters for some reason. Then my controller turns off due to inactivity for the second time and I quit evolve and play something else out of frustration.


Game was on sale for $10 at Gamestop New. Lottta people must have gotten it…


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