Hunt 2.0 matchmaking works so ODDLY unfair or Im just super UNLUCKY?

I think the “issue” here is more that the patch isn’t even 24 hours old yet. There are still a lot of people who need to get through their placement matches. Give the system at least a couple days, if not a week, to get people placed that way it can properly match everyone. All of those silver master and higher ranked monsters will eventually end up in gold, just have to give it time.


And I’m forces to drop to bronce since all my team mates are terrible?

so dont play the brand new patch for days or weeks unless you wanna get deranked into bronze because u are only matched with noobs? when we all know even after that wait there will be no difference lol

A lot of those single losses by monsters are actually lag out/glitched games that make you auto lose and rank you down lol. See monsters lose too, to the software… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s very frustrating at the moment. When you play Pub games you always have deal for more or less “below the average” kind of people, fair enough BUT the new matchmaking should try to balance this out by not grouping this hunters against a silver or higher monster. That cannot work and makes it really frustrating as you described.

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Now I encountered troll who was doing nothing, just running around like moron. It wouldn’t make difference casue monster we fought is now golden… I thought it was suppoused queue monster by average hunters rank. Like for example hunters are skilled, skilled, expert, expert so monster should be either skilled or expert. But it’s elite! This is just insane. Glad I only get -1 score. But when it’s undetermined it’s much more.

And yeah I see silver leaderboards. Most monsters have much more wins than looses but almost every Hunter has below 1.0 win/loose ratio (there is someone with 1.13 (but he has only one more win than looses).

Just give it time for silver hunters player pool and silver/bronze monsters pool to grow, should be much better after a week or two (hopefully). But anyway ranked mode only makes sense when you group up with at least 2 friends.

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the fact that monsters are losing to disconnects only makes the leaderboards more absurd… ur basically saying silver monsters never actually lose, if they have a mark down at all it was a disconnect, and they still have 10/1 + win ratios

In pub games alone, my rank went up last night from Bronze Elite to Bronze Destroyer. I have hope that it will continue to do so, as I was in REALLY bad placement matches and feel I got a bad start.

It can be quite the same for the monster players.

For me, first ten matches, more than half of them had a mastered hunter, in one hunt even 2! Of course got the monsters quite some buffs and nerfs, but it frustates me, when i have to play against vets and masters, that have atleast one noob onboard, really. Heck, i got even a team with one bronze destroyer and the rest silver.

Heck, the assault found me first as i played as wraith, the rest came like the good dogs they are.

I’m a casual player, i play when i want to play it. But i have no interest, in getting stomped in a flash, because i have a lower level and have no maxed perks to choose from like the vets and masters.

Play hunt 2.0 they said
It’ll be fun they said


Yeah, I don’t get it either. I thought the WHOLE point was to be matched up with people of a similar rank??? So far, I’ve been either undetermined or bronze and my team mates have been the same. Some have just started playing, but we get put against silver monsters. This has happened multiple times now. I am currently 0 for 12 which is just horribly sad, but more importantly, it’s not fun. Hunt used to be about 50/50 for me, but this has been brutal.

Side note: I really don’t like that you can’t see people’s level. I need to know if I’m entering a game with two level threes or whatever.

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As a monster player who hasn’t lost a game yet and got game crashed twice. I can confirm that statement that your going to get paired up with crazy good monsters in the silver bracket. The sad thing, when I can actually find a game (currently on a 16 minute wait) I either get less then 5 points for a 4 minute win or I get negitive points. -12 for a 5 minute win eariler. It was quite humorous.

I wish I could find out what gives more points. I’ve tried taking every buff, not taking a buff, killing the generator, not evolving at all, etc, and I always seem to get about 5-10 points. Add that to a 17 game win streak with 2 game crashes and I’m at silver expert and can’t even find a game for at least 15 minutes at a time.

(Current wait now 19 minutes)

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Omg. Found a game. Brb in 5 minutes!

It’s fun having the new hunt 2.0 but I was ranked silver skilled and I get put into matches with bronze no rank hunters and silver elite monsters

Same here bro.

Yes it is good, but I cannot fall lower than bronze right.
And I do not - seriously do not - want to play with beginners again under no circumstance…

I already started to play as monster, although I am griffin top player. I am so frustrated.

I just clawed my way up as a hunter from bronze elite all the way to silver skilled! It can be done, in pubs no less!

any win/lose rate around 50-60% both side consider acceptable.

hunters with WLR of 10:1, 50:1 is not healthy , same goes to monster as well.

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I wonder why almost every gold hunter and monster have a lot wins and very little looses. Many of their fights comes with silver and bronze players. I as silver expert monster queued only once with hunter silver expert. The rest is bronze or undetermined.

And when I get +1 score almost every fight I can’t even advance to see tougher enemies. I see the same at ranking board. Toaster has over 50 wins and only 1 loose (better ratio than many gold monsters including Deanimate) and he is still silver elite!