Hunt 2.0 MAPS! whats the deal with the same 4 maps being rotated?


I’m playing Evolve now on xb1 and its constant with churning out the same 4 maps all the time, Aviary popped up earlier for the first time and got kicked, 2 maps I really dont have a liking for even in any other mode now keep cropping up, I know all maps should be played even ones I dont favour but Really!! same couple of maps all the time! rotation would be nice,

I wouldn’t mind if when I leave i didnt count it as a loss, so by leaving a map I already played and left because its becoming repetitive fast, I gained my leaving as a loss and my rank got higher! wtf! I spend the last 2 games playing hard and now back where i was before i started if not worse. so far today I played 2 games, won 1 lost 1 and got screwed with a loss for leaving, the first map was the same as the third map I left.

Point is if they are gonna be so harsh with the reward system in a game you could come up with a better randomization strategy for the map rotation, as it stands its a bit disappointing


Mine varies. For example, today I will keep getting say foundry and aviary. Tomorrow I will keep getting mines and wraith trap. Or something like that.
I’ve never experienced the same 4 maps over and over though


It feels like it is based on the server you connect to, but yes repetition does seem to happen within gaming sessions.


how many hunt maps are there? I have been playing a fair bit since sunday, seems to be pretty mountainous so far with the maps that get chosen, I played weather control maybe twice, I have been playing everyday for a couple of hours, I would think there are certain maps I have never played at all, I would have to go through all the custom games to see what I havent played yet, a little preview pic on the map selelections wouldnt be a bad idea,

Orbital drill is one that is constantly coming up, I think the other is barracks, both acid pond/lake maps that are just horrible to play on as goliath,


I’ll only get Medlab, Orbital Drill, and Wraith trap. Gets extremely boring extremely quick. I miss Aviary :’(


Every map in the game except defend maps and murder pits are all hunt maps.


Yea xbox one here and all i keep seeing is foundry, barracks, the mines, and orbital drill


I keep getting armory, orbital drill, I have played close to 40 games since last sunday, I have only played wheather control maybe twice if I’m lucky, whereas Orbital drill is up probably 2-3 times a night,Yep keep getting foundry also, It’s odd that the game bundles people together and doesnt circulate the maps, surely that would be the easiest part to just add a little more rotation


Yeah i hate playing the same maps all the time,in general Evolve needs a lot more maps.I can’t believe they haven’t added to hunt in the year it’s been out.They did say maps would be free but we’ve hardly had any,i’d rather pay for a map pack if they release quality and regular maps not a few Arean maps and a couple of hunt maps in 1 year.


I think that just has to do with remaking monsters and hunters and the low player base, they couldnt bring it out and expect people to pay for more maps just because ceratin people wouldnt buy them and it would devide the player base that bit more, kinda similar to windows 10 being free, Upgrade and because its free it will be widespread in no time meaning we wont only get new maps but maps with the same amount of players,

on the bright side I can get better on maps I dont really like playing on, but I cant really complain, I was playing on pc up until last week and no-one plays hunt at all, whereas on xbox I get a game within 3 mins each time, so atleast I can actually play, but maps do need to shuffle up a bit,


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