Hunt 2.0 makes you requeue after every game

I’d like to suggest removing this. For whatever reason you have, it doesn’t counterbalance the massive wait times and then more wait times. It’s really, really annoying to have the match of the century and then go back to searching.

Thoughts, community?


I’d like an option for people to vote if they want to fight the same opponent again. So if both parties are up for it, they can continue fighting each other.


Anything would be better than the current system tbh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, it should work similarly to the old way in the sense that people who don’t choose the quit option at the end can stay in the lobby and any empty spots are queued into matchmaking. That way you can have 2, 3, even 4 Hunters on at once just waiting for a Monster. Or, even more magical, multiple games with the same people so that you’re not spending 4x as long waiting for a match than playing it.

I love the changes to the game but the MM is so borked it isn’t even funny. The theory behind it is sound, just not the implementation.


i wish that was your in a lobby, your stuck

Mm, this can throw you off of playing hunter games. I personally have no issue at all finding monster games though, so that’s nice… I’m on a 6 win streak with Behemoth, and it doesn’t feel like I’ve waited any time at all.

The problem is there aren’t enough monsters it seems…


Lucky…On AU servers I can’t find monster games very quickly. ;_;

I like this idea. I think the current thought process was that MMRs get adjusted after each match so it wants to find something more suitable for each party. However, if you had a great fight/close game, it makes sense to want a rematch.

Personally I love it. Changes things up. If I did find a monster I liked(which I have done already), I looked in recent players, and because it shows all he players names at the beginning it was easy to remember, then I just messaged.
On US servers waits aren’t that bad, I do certainly feel bad for you @MidnightRoses
Maybe there could be a vote for new monster kind of thing. So everyone including the monster votes for a rematch, so if it was a good game you would get another one.
thinks to self “I’m a genius”

I’m pretty sure the reason they implemented it was to do with rank, so a good monster wouldn’t just steamroll some new players for their first 10 matches (whilst earning a rank). But I like your voting system idea since that could work quite nicely.

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It’s literal torture. Oh good, I found a match of Aussies after three hours of searching! Oh look! One left! Time to restart! Found another lobby! Oh look! One DC’d! Time to restart! Oh look! Found another lobby! OH LOOK! WE GOT IN GAME! Oh look, it’s over at three minutes because they’re a pub team! YAY! BACK TO THE THREE HOUR SEARCHES! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA.


^ This.

Especially when I’m losing (either as monster or hunter), but think I can do better next round, I want to get the chance to try it.
After the match, at the screen where we see our points and damage and can click on “Ready” at the bottom, there could be another button to vote for a rematch.

Clearly the way it works now is to prevent abuse and unfair rankings. So another option is that if you’re staying to play against same monster/hunters for a second game, this second game should be just for fun and don’t affect ranking in any way.

Or maybe make ranked games “best of 3” or something, then let same teams to play 3 rounds against each other, although not everyone would have time to sit through it.

@Sushifox is right, I think it’s obvious that this is TRS’ way of preventing rank grinds by fighting the same weak Monster (or weak Hunters if you’re playing Monster yourself).
Besides, there’s the occasional Gold Kraken player who still only uses Aftershock divebombs and Banshee Mines followed by a pounce so you get hit by all of them and get incapped in less than a few seconds.

Obviously you wouldn’t want a rematch against those guys.

On the other hand, yes, at least having the option to stay would be nice. I’ve actually only been paired with an equally skilled Monster twice so it’d be cool to vote for another round, especially concerning the often long matchmaking times when the game decides it’s time to find a new Monster.

Yes, but there would be a period between matches where quitting wouldn’t give a loss. :stuck_out_tongue: Would that not work?

Of course. Quitting between matches should never result in a loss imo.
I know the current matchmaking system disagrees with me on that.

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They could change the options available after a match (when you’ve seen your character mastery, performance etc) and everyone has to ready up by pressing ‘continue’. You could either choose to ‘stay in lobby’ for another game or to ‘find new lobby’. And if any one team looses 3 times in a row or if one team is consistently ahead by a certain percent of matches then the lobby automatically disbands. Maybe a best of 3 like @Sushifox said.

Either way there’s been more than a few games where I’ve fought against a good team of hunters and wanted to try and see if I could beat them in the next round. How else can one try to improve their performance?

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